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Reusables: all in 1 or two-piece?

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LittleMy1 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:26:36

We're expecting our first baby and have decided to try reusable nappies. We're not sure whether to use all in 1 nappies or two piece nappies though. Is there anyone who has tried both who could tell whether they found one better than another?

Also, can you use boosters with the all in 1 nappies or do they only work with the two piece nappies?

Grateful for any tips! smile

DeladionInch Sun 14-Jun-15 21:47:19

I used boosted aios for day as they'll do a good 3-4 hours on most babies, then fitteds with wrap for nights, also boosted, to get 12+ hours.

Different types do different things, so no point limiting yourself. There are libraries around the country who can hire and advise. Bear in mind different brands suit different babies (your favourite jeans will make my arse look humungous!) so don't dismiss all aios just because totsbots leaked, for example smile

lentilpot Mon 15-Jun-15 08:36:52

I don't use many all in ones - mainly pockets and fitters with a wrap. I would recommend a mix as I have liked different ones at different times as he's grown / his poo habits have changed! You will also definitely want some nice thirsty fitteds for night.

SunnyL Mon 15-Jun-15 08:49:33

I've got a mix but the easiest ones are the Mio nappies I have. Because the insert is attached to the nappy I can't lose bits of it. I got a birth to potty range and its fitted my DD all along. She's 2 now and they still have room if she's slow on potty training

shitebag Sun 21-Jun-15 17:53:40

We started out with all in ones and pockets but birth to potty nappies have never worked for us and DD has ridiculously sensitive skin so we had to switch to cotton nappies and fleece covers as PUL and fleece linings resulted in blisters and sores.

We use Motherease One size and Bambino Mio prefolds (with a nippa not pad fold) under a Fleece soaker (sewn down purple lane custom are fantastic and cheap) or a Wee Notions fleece wrap.

Check if you have a library in your area and trial some before you buy, we wasted so much money!

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