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muslin nappies for newborns

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Guyropes Mon 08-Jun-15 13:48:02

Hi, has anyone got any recommendations for these? Last time around, I ordered them from 'cuddlebabes' who I believe are no longer trading. They were larger and thicker than the muslin squares for mopping up purposes.

What size to use? 70x70 or 80x80? And which ones are a suitable quality at a low price?

Any input appreciated.

Ariela Tue 16-Jun-15 00:33:47

The ones Cuddlebabes did were these :

They wash up lovely, and are 80cm, excellent quality.

Guyropes Tue 16-Jun-15 19:54:16

Thanks for your reply Ariela.
I don't remember them costing so much to be honest! I've been given 2nd hand wraps, (so was happily thinking I'd got the xpensive bit!) but am not convinced about the prefolds they come with, and would rather get some muslins and terries, which are more flexible. But not at that price!

lentilpot Wed 17-Jun-15 20:02:26

My sil used these and said they were great - a bit cheaper (£15 for 12 or £27 for 24) xx

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