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Box of random freebies, Kent - any takers?

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Psippsina Wed 27-May-15 19:47:31

I'm clearing out the attic and have got a box of cloth nappies and covers which I want to give away as I can't be bothered to list them on a reselling website, and they aren't that wonderful, and I'd rather someone just took them away.

They are mostly used, a few are unused or barely used.

They are in good condition, some staining probably, definitely some hardness caused by the water round here.

Some are very old, some not so old!

The box contains a mixture but to give you an idea, there are some Tots bots with red fleece wraps, some cotton bottoms wraps (various - some unused-ish Andy Pandy ones) and a fair few Bambino Mio wraps in mostly newborn and small sizes.

Also some Popolino nappies and a couple of diaperap covers.

These are mainly nowhere near new but equally, quite useable I think.

If someone would like them then please post here and I'll PM you to organise. We're in East Kent.

(I am a regular here - joined in 2007 if you're worried that I'm hairy of hand!) smile Obviously I'd prefer they went to someone else who's been here a while.

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