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Could anyone give me some nappy advice before I give up with these eBay cheapie. and decide what to get next?

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missmakesstuff Mon 18-May-15 12:40:31

I've been really lucky to have been given a load of old (practically vintage) but unused Terry tots bots, which we're using on ds, but they are only size 1 and he is 98th centile and likely to outgrow them fairly swiftly. I've also been given some eBay cheapies, which would do him longer but they leak round the legs. I've tried them on the smallest setting, he's over 12lbs at 6 weeks and I've added a bamboo booster to the microfibre one they came with but still leaking. I'm currently trying all of that but with the legs sort of tucked in, to make them a closer fit.
I don't mind the tots bots but when we take them off him they are soaked up to his waist, using a fleece liner in them and we aren't getting any leaks but I just don't like the thought of all the wee against his skin. I'd really like to try more of the fleece lined birth to potty but cost wise I don't think I can run to buying the big brands, he's our last baby so they aren't going to get any more use.
Thinking I should just ditch the eBay nappies as they don't seem to be working (hence why they were given to us!) and look for an alternative for when he's grown out of the tots bots.
I had been reccommended bamboo squares, but can't find them anywhere less than 4.50 each (same price as some of the eBay ones, which DH would actually use without making this face hmm) and they will still have the wet up to the waist problem I guess.
if anyone with more experience than me has got to the end of this and has advice then thankyou!

slippermaiden Mon 18-May-15 12:53:32

How often are you changing them? I used to change nappies every two hours or so. You can get waterproof wraps that fit over the nappies, or fleece wraps which don't absorb liquid.

slippermaiden Mon 18-May-15 12:54:40

Also for a boy all the wee is at the front, so try an extra wedge of absorbency at the front, not so much needed at the back.

BringBackCabinPressure Mon 18-May-15 12:56:49

Are the eBay cheapies pocket style nappies? I have eBay pockets and they last 4 hours on my toddler generally.
Have you prewashed them a few times? No fabric conditioner? To check the fit, when the baby is lying down pull her knee up to lift the leg - if there is a gap it's too loose.

missmakesstuff Mon 18-May-15 13:49:46

I'm changing every 2-3 hrs, I do have some motherease airflow wraps, was consideringputting those over the eBay nappies but just don't think his little bum can take more bulk!
They are pocket nappies, with minky outer, no idea which seller though. Maybe they are too big, there is some gaping round the leg, they're on the smallest poppers but wondered if tucking the elastic in might help?
I've washed them about three times before use, just non bio. Will try folding the insert a bit towards the front too. He does feed a lot at the moment, so maybe more changes etc needed. They have leaked almost immediately though.
as I say, I don't mind the basic tots bots or even the flat terries but it's just the wet next to the skin I can't get my head around. The eBay ones seem to be around the same price as a single bamboo terry anyway, so if I can get them to work I am keen to buy more.

BringBackCabinPressure Mon 18-May-15 15:04:07

If there's gaping, they will leak. Pockets need to contain the wee for a bit before it's absorbed into the stuffing bit.
I suspect the elastic has gone a bit then (they do that especially if hot washed, napisaned or tumble dried. OR he's just not big enough for them yet. Mine didn't fit birth to potty pockets until about 6 months as they have skinny legs (wish I did! grin)

missmakesstuff Mon 18-May-15 16:00:44

It might be rubbish elastic in the first place then, as they've only been washed by me, a couple of times max., I've got lots of friends with good intentions who didn't use cloth in the end! The current nappy has been on a little while now with the legs tucked in, doesn't seem to have leaked yet. Maybe I'll give them another go when he's a bit bigger, he does seem to have inherited my chubby thighs though, you'd think they would fit.

BringBackCabinPressure Mon 18-May-15 23:04:15

If they've only been washed twice then that won't help. They need a good few washes to start being properly absorbing, and won't have full absorbency until about 10 washes. But gaping will def be a main culprit as well smile

missmakesstuff Tue 19-May-15 20:39:51

Will give them all a few more washes then once the weather settles down. Looking at it today after a massive leak when he was in the car seat, after none when I tucked the legs in, they are definitely too big round the legs, but fitting the waist, so I'll have to try again in a few weeks. I found tj's cloth nappies in the meantime and spent a bit on btp nappies, this could get expensive!
In the meantime I guess I'll persevere with the tots bots, lining them with fleece and changing more often to keep them drier.
Thanks for the advice all!

lentilpot Wed 20-May-15 19:44:02

You don't need to dry them in between washes of its just for absorbency.

missmakesstuff Thu 21-May-15 19:51:39

Thanks, just doing that now, plus washing my new nappies from dudeybaba on eBay, and Alva and TJ's nappies, all well under a fiver each!
Think I've solved the problem though, the elastic was too loose on the ones I was given compared to the New ones that arrived today, so I've unpacked a little bit, pulled the elastic tighter and knotted it, and will give that a go.
very impressed by the TJ's nappies, but we will see how they wear!

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