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Is there anywhere I can donate these nappies to?

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Pispcina Sun 17-May-15 18:09:01

I have a reasonable stash of cloth nappies, covers etc and we live in a hard water area so they kind of need softening and so on - and I'm not sure how to do it.

I also don't know anyone with a little baby who might want them.

I really don't want to sell them on a website, so wondered if there's anywhere like a second hand nappy library type of thing or someone who knows their stuff and could give them a going over and pass them on to people who need them?

We're in Kent, but I could possibly post them - there are loads though!

RandomMess Sun 17-May-15 18:10:15

There are charities that ship them abroad, I'll see what details I can find as I'm out the loop these days.

Pispcina Sun 17-May-15 18:38:04

Thank you, much appreciated smile

BikeRunSki Sun 17-May-15 18:42:14

I gave mine away to a charity aftet asking the same Q on here 5 years ago. Good luck��

RandomMess Sun 17-May-15 21:11:34

Hmm not much success - a charity for Chernobyl still takes them.

I wonder if your local woman's refuge might?

Other than that freecycle?????

CunfuddledAlways Sun 17-May-15 21:16:14

Search for your nearest nappy library

CunfuddledAlways Sun 17-May-15 21:18:11

CatWithKittens Mon 18-May-15 10:02:24

If you didn't mind paying postage I know that the Sister Superior at the Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity orphanage in Agra - address
Prem Dan, 8 Ajmer Road, Pratappura, Agra 282001, India - would be very grateful for these or any other unwanted baby and up to 4 year old clothes. This orphanage takes in abandoned babies, including those with cerebral palsy and other problems who have literally been abandoned on rubbish tips. The also take in village girls who would otherwise be sold by their fathers as wives or worse and train them in baby and child care so that they can find work as nannies - 2 birds with 1 stone. They are always short of baby clothes, formula etc. and things are of more direct use to them because any money has to go to the central funds for allocation and does not necessarily find its way to this particular work which so moved DH and me when we went last year. (Thanks, grandparents, for having all 5 palmed off onto you for a glorious fortnight - and for offering to repeat it!)

RueDeWakening Mon 18-May-15 10:07:46

There's a Facebook group that collects cloth nappies for donation to those in need:

"Q Where do I send my donations?
A Donation address: Cloth Bank UK, (green storage box by garage), 9 Kew Gardens, Priorslee, Telford, TF29SY."

KnickersOnOnesHead Mon 25-May-15 23:59:14

Your local nappy library would really appreciate any donations.

standingonlego Mon 06-Jul-15 10:45:17

I have the same question, I was given a full set of baby to toddler. The challenge is that they are about 13 years old so a bit "old fashioned" so do not think nappy library would have much use for them, however a lots are still in packets never used and all are clean and good.

I am sure that an overseas support organisation would appreciate them but the box is huge and I do not really want to pay postage to the other side of the world. Will look at the links here

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