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Venturing into facebook selling

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CookiecutterShark Sun 10-May-15 14:19:44

I'm about to list some nappies on a local facebook selling page and wondered if you could comment on my listing prices - am I way out? There seem to be a lot of individual nappies listed at the moment, but I'm getting rid of my nappies completely now and so thought bundles would be faster. I don't want to price them too high, but equally I have promised my dd a kitten and am hoping that getting rid of the nappy stash will not only free up space in the utility for the cat paraphernalia but also pay for some of it! Anyway I'm thinking of the following:

20 bumgenius with inserts. Velcro bit worn. £40
6 thirsties with a couple of wraps - £10
6 fuzzinbunz - £10
Everything else in a bundle - £10. This would all of the individual nappies I tried out of which there are about 7-8 together with a couple of pairs of reusable training pants.

I've looked at the post office site and it seems a medium parcel is about £13 to send. I assume the bumgenius would be this - should I add more on to allow for this or would that make it over the top expensive? Secondly, what happens if/when someone buys them - does it work like ebay?

God, it's such a stress - no wonder I've still got them all, when dd potty trained 3 years ago! Actually, will that make a difference? They're not exactly the latest thing in nappies (though they do do their job)

Any advice - very gratefully received smile

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