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Newborn reusable nappies

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dottiemad Mon 23-Mar-15 12:14:57

Hi All,

Can I ask what you all used for new born reusable? Or eco disposables?

I think I will give the bumgenius Elemental/freetime for daytime and then bamboozle with blueberry or motherease wraps for night time. I just wanted to know what you all used for newborn? Was it something different or similar to the above?

I've seen the bumghenius newborn bumgenius teeny and the bumgenoius stretch, what about nighttime newborns?

Sorry for the questions. I have contacted the nappy lady and some of the above are her suggestions, but nothing really for newborn specific.

Thanks in advance


jessplussomeonenew Mon 23-Mar-15 12:23:33

We used a mix of nappy nation, nature babies and totsbots. We struggled a bit with leaks at the start because DS had thin legs, so two parters, ideally using wraps with the extra gusset around the legs, were good. At night we used bamboozles, adding an extra booster as he got a bit bigger. Sized nappies were definitely better than Birth to potty at the start.

Do you have a local nappy library? They often have newborn kits for hire which can help you work out what shape best fits your baby - the fit can vary a lot between brands, so I'd recommend trying before shelling out on a full set.

dottiemad Mon 23-Mar-15 12:41:34

Thanks Jess,

Unfortunately I live in the back of beyond although I see we do have a nappy library about 20 miles away so that well be well worth a trip :-) Thank you!

stargirl1701 Mon 23-Mar-15 20:39:29

I did a mix of BG, Tots and Bambino Mio prefolds in the newborn stage. They lasted 8 weeks. I bought preloved to cut the cost. Cute on the bum! I was an experienced cloth user as it was DD2.

InfantHercules Tue 24-Mar-15 06:32:56

Watching with interest! Have exactly the same question. Also planning to use Bumgenius for day and Bamboozle for night (the Nappy Lady strikes again!).

Have bought a pack of disposables to help us through the first few days but would like to move onto cloth asap. Not an experienced user, and not too keen on shelling out for more nappies in newborn size.

Thanks for the suggestion re nappy libraries - I will look into that. Also plan to give the NL's advice line a call.

Let me know if you find any other solutions OP!

kiwiscantfly Tue 24-Mar-15 06:41:12

I didn't start using cloth till DD was 5 months but most people in the FB group I belong to use tried-folds or old school flats and covers for new borns. I'm in NZ and a couple of the online shops hire out NB kits, maybe they do that in the UK?

InfantHercules Tue 24-Mar-15 06:44:33

Looking for libraries in my area as we speak. I've read about using muslins and traditional folds for newborns. If it was good enough for all of us, I reckon I should just get stuck in!

Did you start at five months because of sizing Kiwi?

MrsCurly Tue 24-Mar-15 06:46:34

I used muslins when they were very tiny and then terries, until I could get them in to motherease. Both very cheap and multitude of uses afterwards.

MrsCurly Tue 24-Mar-15 06:47:19

Meant to add, hired some small size motherease wraps from the nappy lady as covers.

InfantHercules Tue 24-Mar-15 06:57:34

Thank you MrsCurly. Sorry for hijacking your thread dottie!

It's a bit daunting starting out, although I've no idea why?! We are determined to reduce waste, so thanks for the suggestions.

sofatastic Tue 24-Mar-15 06:58:57

Bimbles plus beautiful wee notions wraps. Effective and adorable!

InfantHercules Tue 24-Mar-15 07:19:15

Loving the look of the Bimbles!

sofatastic Tue 24-Mar-15 14:34:05

Kissaluvs are also super cute and super soft.

InfantHercules Wed 25-Mar-15 16:51:05

Just wanted to thank you all for the advice. After several phone conversations with the Nappy Lady we've decided to hire a newborn kit with several options re brands.

dottiemad Thu 16-Apr-15 13:10:46

Great idea Infant, I think I will do the same :-) When are you due? I'm not expecting until November, just doing my research :-)

InfantHercules Thu 16-Apr-15 14:54:48

A very timely message dottie... Waters broke this morning and awaiting contractions! Best of luck with your nappy research - I will let you know how the hire pack goes xx

dottiemad Thu 16-Apr-15 15:06:21

Oooh yes...when you have the time of course! Good luck and lots of positive vibes xxx

dottiemad Mon 18-May-15 14:28:56

Infant, how are you? and how is your new bundle of joy? Please let us know your thoughts on your nappies for newborn :-)


InfantHercules Mon 18-May-15 17:06:35

Hey dottie! The newborn kit was a bit of a waste of money for us as he outgrew them within three weeks! However still better for the environment. He's four weeks old now and not quite big enough for our bought Bumgenius birth to potty, so he's in disposables for now. Within the nappy kit we found the Bumgenius and Tots Bots ones the easiest to use. We're using bambinex liners and I've learnt that you can chuck them in the wash too if it's only wee. They survive three or four goes which is great.

We are also using reusable wipes and they have been fantastic. Used them from day one and the saving on waste is considerable. They also clean very well and the system is very simple to use if you're already using cloth nappies - they just go into the same dry pail.

Best of luck for your last few weeks!

dottiemad Tue 19-May-15 11:53:01

Thanks for the reply Infant, very helpful. I hope you are getting enough rest?!

How big was LO?


InfantHercules Tue 19-May-15 14:26:10

He wasn't that huge actually, 7lb15oz (3.6kg). But very long and grew very fast. He put on a kilo in two weeks!

Also on the reusable front, Little Lamb bamboo breast pads are great, very soft and easy to keep clean, if you are considering bf.

dottiemad Wed 20-May-15 09:45:42

I may rethink the newborn size purchase then :-)

Great info about the breast pads, was going to get some disposables but you've swayed me :-)

Take care

InfantHercules Wed 20-May-15 13:02:29

Best of luck for everything that's round the corner for you! X

jubles Wed 20-May-15 13:08:04

I've used a lot different reusable nappies on three children, and all from birth. Best I've found in terms of getting a really good fit are Fuzzibunz elite. Also consider using cloth wipes (which work much better than disposable wipes) and I definitely second the recommendation for Little Lamb reusable breast pads. They are the only reusable pads that have really worked for me and they feel lovely.

jubles Wed 20-May-15 13:14:52

That should have said Fuzzibunz One Size Elite. My (very tall for age) 2 year old could still wear them, while you can still get a lovely neat fit on a newborn, even a small newborn.

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