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Cheap Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Bin Refill Cassettes

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Gmitch2000 Mon 09-Feb-15 08:59:59


Could someone recommend the cheapest place to buy refill cassettes for the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Bins?

I saw some at half price in the Mothercare sale but they are not all full price, which is quite expensive.

The cheapest I have seen so far seems to be £9.50 on ‘subscribe and safe’ at Amazon.

Does anyone make any own brand versions that are compatible with the Tommee Tippee bin? Proper cassettes not the cling film that Warphoo sell.

Thank you.

NeedaDiscoNap Mon 09-Feb-15 09:01:27

Unfortunately you have to get the tommee tippee ones. I get mine from Amazon as it's the cheapest, although sometimes Tesco have them on offer.

Twistedheartache Mon 09-Feb-15 09:04:12

Generally amazon - stock up when they are on offer. Occasionally boots or argos too

Emma321q Tue 21-Jul-15 17:26:48

Hi guys would you recommend this product or does it work out too expensive over time?

10lbsleft Thu 23-Jul-15 16:10:47

I would just use a lockable nappy bin (tots bots do one for £12.99) and put bicarb of soda, tea tree and lavender oil in the bottom of it then empty it once a day.

10lbsleft Fri 24-Jul-15 11:33:31

£5.95 on Ebay

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