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Best nappies for poo leakage?

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LeahSmith Sun 08-Feb-15 19:42:44

I'm at my wits end. My son is 6 months old and he leaks all of his nappies! I can't find a nappy that is good for both wee and poo. We tried asda little angels for a while and they were good for pee but just wouldn't hold his poo. Bought jumbo pack of pampers simply dry thinking they'd be better because they were more expensive... How wrong was I, they were 10 times worst. Then I read on here all the fabulous reviews on lidl toujours nappies so went and bought a pack to try, he has worn 2 of them so far for 1 hour each and leaked pee through the both nappies vest and sleepsuits!😩 I am so fed up of changing his clothes 20 million times a day!

There isn't an aldi near me so I haven't been able to try their ones that everyone's raving about


PrincessOfChina Sun 08-Feb-15 19:43:32

I usually found that sizing up helped. Have you tried going for the biggest size possible for his weight?

AnythingNotEverything Sun 08-Feb-15 19:45:03

Are you putting them on nice and snug around the waist and leg, with the frilly bit not tucked in?

LeahSmith Sun 08-Feb-15 19:50:07

The ones he's in are from 15 to 40lb so should be plenty big enough for him, I always makes sure the frilly bit is fully out and his willy is pointing down otherwise it goes up his back. None of the nappies seem to work, unless he just poos a weeks worth of poo every time!
He hasn't done a poo in the lidl ones yet so can't say what they'll be like for poo but not holding out much hope as they won't even hold his wee!

Nannyplum2015 Wed 11-Feb-15 20:47:47

Best nappy by far for leaky poos is pampers new baby. They go up to size 3 and although expensive you save loads as they don't need changing so often (wees) and fewer clothes ruined. The other pampers brands aren't as good but pampers baby dry are as good as asda for poos but better than them for wees.

Nannyplum2015 Wed 11-Feb-15 20:48:41

lidl and sainsburys were the worst I've tried.

Carks31 Wed 11-Feb-15 21:20:18

We use Aldi mamia for day time and Pampers baby dry for night (find they holds a little more wee than Aldi's do) and haven't had leakages apart from when we moved up to size 4 when DS hit 16lb (which are the 15-40 lb you've mentioned I think?) we actually went back to size 3 for another month and he was fine. I think the size 4 covers such a big weight range they were too loose on him.

flashyballs Wed 11-Feb-15 21:25:03

We are having this very same issue. Dd2 is 7 months old and the past couple of weeks her poo nappies have been awful. I call them the teething poos as she's got about 3 coming through.

stargirl1701 Thu 12-Feb-15 09:21:49

We only get poo containment with cloth. I despaired about how rubbish sposies were when I used them after the rotavirus vax.

GrouchyKiwi Thu 12-Feb-15 09:25:39

I found Pampers Active Fit to be the best at containment. DC1 used them overnight and they were great for over 12 hours.

Bangkokbaby Thu 12-Feb-15 09:29:54

Seconding cloth nappies here! they contain even the biggest poos. They have changed a lot since the old Terry squares (although we sometimes use them!) Have a look online you can get some really lovely patterned ones.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 12-Feb-15 09:50:15

I've changed back to morrisons just now after using aldi first then asdas. I've never liked pampers.
Also I get staff discount as my mil works there.
I also use cloth pockets, and after watching a YouTube video they work well.
But ds poos first thing in the morning when he's still in a disposable from night.

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