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Flip Hybrid Nappies - Any Good or Bad Experience?

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TishTashTosh Sun 18-Jan-15 21:50:19

Hi ladies - new to this group and have searched through and found nothing so hope I am not repeat posting!

I am pregnant with #4 and thinking of trying cloth.... I now live in a different country where nappies are about twice the price as what I am used to in UK!

I have 3 boys, run a VERY BUSY business and have no support as no family or friends here so I need the most stress free system ever. I have heard all-in-ones easiest but tbh dont fancy them.

Have been doing loads of research and quite like the Flip hybrid system... I would use the washable inserts normally but would have a couple of disposables in my changing bag ready for when out and about.

I also like the fact you dont have to necessarily wash the wrap everytime as well.

Plus they seem by farrrrrrrr one of the most cost effective ways here.

Does anyone have any experience of using the Flip system? What did you think?

Thanks in advance for your help

Squtternutbaush Sun 18-Jan-15 23:05:56

I liked the system and the nappies themselves were great but the fit just didn't work for us but no birth to potty system has and I'd say this was one of the best we tried.

I loved the wraps as the elastics were soft and the material has good stretch to it, the Velcro gave us a better fit than poppers but Bumgenius Velcro is notoriously crap and after a few months it did start to curl so I'm not sure about longevity, I used them withwith size 1 mio prefolds rather than flip ones as they were much cheaper especially second hand but they were slightly bulkier but not overly so. Infact they were slim fitting on my heavy wetting, dainty 9 month old.

I did admittedly get tired of poo going everywhere on the wraps as it got quite messy when changing because babies don't poo rectangles grin

Overall id use them again and they were definitely an easy option.

ProbablyJustGas Tue 20-Jan-15 15:36:37

I use them with the organic cotton inserts and snap wraps. They're very absorbent and yet one of my slimmest nappies. Really easy to load into the diaper bag. The cotton inserts fold out flat, so the washing machine cleans them really efficiently. The wraps take standard prefolds really well too.

There's a big secondhand market for the printed wraps, and also some of the discontinued/out of stock colors, so there's a chance to get a bit of money back once your baby is successfully potty-trained.

I have tried the disposable inserts, but have had mixed results with them. I wouldn't even bother with them while your baby has runny EBF poo (if you're planning to/able to BF), as they won't contain anything. Once baby is on solids, they can be handy, but only if the poo isn't too smeary. If swapping out wet ones, you need to be quick - my DD has peed on a Flip wrap because I wasn't quick enough with a new insert.

TeaPleaseBob Fri 23-Jan-15 23:15:45

I use these as main nappies now. Started using them when lo about 6 months so not sure how they work for smaller babies but I love them for my daughter. They fit well, are slim fitting under clothes, compact for chucking in changing bag and easy to use. We use the stay dry inserts and they last a good 3-4 hours (never tried at night as just use a disposable).

The stay dry inserts dry pretty quickly too which is nice in winter when can't hang anything outside. I've even taken them abroad on holiday and they were great (dried in no time in italian summer heat smile )

I've never used the disposable inserts so can't comment on them. I'd say they're definietely worth a try

TeaPleaseBob Fri 23-Jan-15 23:17:49

Meant to say I generally use the wrap about 3 times before needed a new one. Have occasionally has poo on wrap but only few times in the 12 months plus of using them.

YAsoNBU Fri 23-Jan-15 23:20:28

They were my favourite nappy for DS with the organic insert (popper version). Even DP could manage them. However the disposable inserts were useless, I ordered 2 packs to start with and never got to the end of the first pack. The micro fibre inserts were ok too.

Tweetinat Sun 25-Jan-15 09:40:39

I've used a few different systems like this including flip and I have to say there are others that I prefer more. I've used Blueberry Capri, Milovia Wrap, Grovia Hybrid and Flips. My favourite is hands down the Grovia system for a number of reasons, but primarily the quality - they are fantastically well made with quality snaps and good strong elastics. One of the main problems with all bumgenius but especially flips is how rubbish the elastic is - it will stretch and relax very quickly and some people end up replacing within 6 months. Others are more lucky and manage to get through to potty training but if you're hoping to use on more than one child it's unlikely they'll last that long.

Another reason I love Grovia is that the inserts have elasticated gussets which means poo (especially runny bf poo) is more likely to be contained and then you can reuse the shell. 9/10 a poo in a flip means a new shell as it runs on to the pul and leg elastics, but 9/10 poos in a grovia are contained and shell reused.

A third major plus for grovia is that the inserts (they call them soakers) are TPU backed (i.e. It has a waterproof backing) which means that when you change them you don't have to touch a soggy insert - your hands stay dry and for me this is probably my number one reason for living these so much!

oh and the soakers snap into place which means they don't move around in the shell - very helpful when your tiny baby gets older and decides they don't like change time.

Soakers come in 3 types of material; organic cotton, stay dry (cotton and hemp with a stay dry microfleece layer) and finally the no prep which are microfibre and microfleece. If you don't want to use these, plain old pre folds can be used too!

I absolutely adore my GroVia as I'm sure you can tell :D Fill Your pants are doing a brilliant offer at the moment for a shell and soakers for £21:

If you decide you like them then let me know as I have a link that can get you 10% off smile

Tweetinat Sun 25-Jan-15 09:42:34

Oh and you can pair them with their disposable biosoakers too for when you go away

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