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Best nappies for night time?

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cait2695 Tue 06-Jan-15 07:39:15

My 4 month old has a really good night time routine and he sleeps around 12-13 hours a night, However in the morning his nappies are so wet and have sometimes leaked up the back. But i don't want to have to wake him in the night to change his nappy as that will just upset him.

I'm currently using pampers baby dry and have tried the pampers active fit size 3 which is the correct size for him.

Does anyone know of other brands that are really absorbent?

Rumandcokeplease Tue 06-Jan-15 07:43:09

The thing that normally works for me is to out them in a bigger nappy rather than change brands. I'd try a size 4 and see what happens.

dementedpixie Tue 06-Jan-15 08:23:05

I wouldn't use active fit and night as they are thinner than baby dry. have you tried a size up?

cait2695 Tue 06-Jan-15 20:23:24

he shouldn't need a size up as these ones fit him fine and meet in the middle but i have tried 3+ too

jackandjilly Tue 06-Jan-15 20:34:59

I've recently switched to aldi nappies and I think they are better than pampers. Until now I have used pampers for both dc and wouldn't entertain any others. Ds just 2 repeatedly leaked so thought I'd try aldi. I wouldn't go back to pampers now.

slippermaiden Tue 06-Jan-15 20:40:01

But some reusable nappy booster pads and put one inside the disposable nappy. Will absorb alotof extra wee. If he generally has pood by the morning you can get nappy liners, the poo won't go thru to the booster and you can chuck the poo down the loo. Wash the boosters on a 40 once a week. Can buy on eBay. I used reusable nappies but that's quite a big change. Just adding the booster will solve it x

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 06-Jan-15 20:44:27

We have used sainsbury nappies.

Dd is now 4 and still needs them at night.

never had a leak.

I highly recommend

Toomanyhyphons Wed 27-Jan-16 13:28:42

I too am struggling with DS2 and using disposables. She has her nappy changed at 7pm just before bed and is more often than not soaked through pjs, vest and sleeping bag by 3am which wakes her up. I tried upping size but it didn't work so a booster seems a good idea. What material would you reccomend? There are so many, I had no idea!

Hufflepuffin Wed 27-Jan-16 21:31:17

Bamboo is a nice thirsty fabric! Little lamb ones are brill. If your DC is a boy you can double it up and just use at the front.

Hufflepuffin Fri 29-Jan-16 12:15:50

Just thought you could try some
Of the disposable inserts like gnappies or flips.

Toomanyhyphons Tue 02-Feb-16 19:15:00

I've ordered some bamboo inserts and looking forward to using them! Never had this problem with DS1. She slept through the night from day one and never over wet her nappy!

Juju2408 Tue 02-Feb-16 19:33:51

Pampers always leaked for us only ones that work are asda own brand.

Toomanyhyphons Wed 03-Feb-16 11:51:31

I'm all for the supermarket own brands I like asda and aldi and that's what I use but I think my little one just pees a lot. Bamboo inserts arrived today and are washed, dried and ready to go tonight so will see how we get on. Here's another question. How do people wash the inserts? I'm thinking quick rinse and hand wash in the sink then put them in the washing machine?

Hufflepuffin Wed 03-Feb-16 19:31:51

If they're just wet you can put them through with normal washing, depending on how you feel about that kind of thing. If any get pooey then either wash on their own or hot with something like bathmats and rags.

.... Or come over to the dark side and go fully reusable!

captaincake Thu 17-Mar-16 07:42:54

I change DS at about 11pm in his sleep. His nappy is very wet by then and he's stopped leaking through in the morning.

Toomanyhyphons Thu 17-Mar-16 10:49:05

I've been using the bamboo inserts at night time for a good month now and they've completely solved the problem! Hats off to anyone that uses reusable nappies though as that's not for the faint hearted. The liners stink in the morning and if they poo on them oh dear god shock.

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