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Nappies leaking up back

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ma9gm Wed 10-Dec-14 22:29:56


We have a 3 day old. Just got home from the hospital and his back seems to keep getting wet. I'm pretty sure it's wee. I've had to change him loads of times already. Clothes and moses basket cover. We're using Pampers. Is it the nappy or is it my fitting of the nappy? Would a larger size help, i.e. is it how well the nappy absorbs or is it how well it fits?

It's very frustrating, but I've had to change him 4 times in the last 5 hours!! This is my first, so help would be hugely appreciated!!

Woodenheart Wed 10-Dec-14 22:33:13

Don't go larger, it will be for a heavier baby and be too big.

I use Lidls and they are excellant.
Make sure the elastic is frilly around the legs,

What size are you using?

It has the weight of baby on the packet. Let us know.

BringYourOwnSnowman Wed 10-Dec-14 22:33:35

I had this and thought he was sweating badly! Midwife put me right!

I seem to recall the trick was to make sure his penis was pointing down when putting the nappy on. And making sure the happy was a bit tighter (but not too tight) and positioned a bit higher up the back than the front.

Never happened with dd!

AnythingNotEverything Wed 10-Dec-14 22:35:46

Definitely point his willy in the right direction!

BringYourOwnSnowman Wed 10-Dec-14 22:36:09

Nappy not happy!

bonzo77 Wed 10-Dec-14 22:38:49

Congratulations on your new baby!

are you making sure his willy is pointing down? Also make sure he is in a big enough size of nappy (try the next size up, you will use them eventually anyway). Make sure you fasten the tapes firmly (they should nearly touch in the middle), and pull the nappy up so that the elastic is against the thighs. The frilly bits next to the elastic should be pulled out so the edges are free. I found that if you don't do this you get lots of leaks, not sure why.

BTW if you are using vests did you know the envelope neck means you can pull them off downwards over baby's shoulders, rather than dragging wee / poo over their heads?

ma9gm Thu 11-Dec-14 01:58:51

We're using a size 1. He's only 7 pounds so should be ok. We have two different types of pampers and some tesco ones. Seems to be worse with the tesco ones and the new baby sensitive pampers ones.

He does a lot of pooing and weeing. What doesn't help is he likes to wee when we take the nappy off. So that means another outfit change. Which he get's distressed about.

I'll have to go buy some different ones tomorrow. See which ones work. The nappies worked fine for the first day or so. Now they're playing up. I guess trial and error.

Now the next mission is to get him to sleep in the moses basket. He's fine sleeping on us. But as soon as you put him into the moses basket he wiggles, and starts screaming as if the world was ending.

Squtternutbaush Thu 11-Dec-14 02:16:16

Congratulations smile

If youre not doing so already make sure his penis is pointing down or the pee will go around the waistband and leak at the back.

Apparently the cold air sets off their bladders when changing so I used to grab a facecloth/muslin to cover him up as best I could so whip nappy off, hold cover over, lift enough to wipe, cover, then put on new nappy.

Have you tried swaddling him? I found this helped mine settle in their baskets but don't panic its early days yet smile

CaptainMorgansMistress Thu 11-Dec-14 02:22:57

I would try a size down nappy, the absorbency should still be fine and you might get a better fit around his tummy and back.

When doing a nappy change, undo and open nappy, let a little bit if air onto the willy and then hold front of nappy back over willy to absorb the almost certain wee. It's exposure to cooler air that normally triggers the weeing.

Have you tried swaddling him? I found it made transferring baby from asleep in arms into Moses basket much easier. Also, shove Moses basket sheet down your top for a while so it smells of you and consider warming basket with a hot water bottle (remove before putting baby in obvs).

Good luck and remember at this stage everything (good and bad) is just a phase and normally only lasts a fee days at most!

ma9gm Thu 11-Dec-14 02:50:02

Thanks for the encouragement. It seems like first night home isn't going so well. Baby seems very unhappy at almost everything that's happening!!!

I think I'm going to try swaddling. It's amazing how different he is at home compared to the hospital!! He was feeding for about 20 mins at hospital, then sleep 3 hours. He was happy sleeping in the cot. Now he's home, he eats for about 3 mins falls asleep. then screams the house down after 3 mins of lying down. He also seems to need an outfit change every 30 mins because wee keeps going up his back!

happylittlevegemites Thu 11-Dec-14 03:19:48

That all sounds normal to me smile

At 3 days you could be into that whole constant feeding/milk coming in thing. Chat to the midwives about it - I assume you're having a visit later on today?

Constant outfit changes is hard work but will probably happen for a while (sorry!). What I try to do during nappy changes is hoik the clothes up towards her armpits as much as possible to reduce the risk of getting pee and poo on them. If the nappy is not a code brown, I lay a clean one under her before removing the dirty one so that I can slap it on quickly. The peeing everywhere was much worse with my son though.

If your baby is only sleeping on you, look into safe co-sleeping. It might help you get more sleep.

I don't have much actually Nappy advice though! Maybe check you're doing them up tight enough?

Hope this all makes sense! I'm very very tired, you see smile

Notmeagain1 Thu 11-Dec-14 03:26:27

Aounds normal. He wees when the air hits him, so throw a town, soiled nappy as long as its wet otherwise you may get a face full.

I was shocked at how far the little fuckers could wize a few days old. My DS is 16yo and still , love to hear from grand parents him pissing in my face the first time I changed him o n the hospital. Nurse showed me to cover it up and never happened again.

BTW, you are doing great. Congratulations on your new arrival. flowerscake

Notmeagain1 Thu 11-Dec-14 03:30:27

Ffs, throw a towel.... I guess Im tired too. Had d&v last 4 days. (Decline to call it the flu, but think it is as I still think Im dying)

Best wishes on getting dry nappies and much meeded sleep. flowers

ma9gm Thu 11-Dec-14 05:52:19

Last nappy didn't result in wee up his back. Yeay... I faced his willy downwards when putting it on and that seemed to work.

I also put a muslin over him when changing and now he's a changed baby. Ready for (what I assume) is a 3 mins feed!!! Thank you for the encouragement so far.

Ems1812 Thu 11-Dec-14 06:10:06

I had the same problem with my DS, he was always soaked within an hour of changing at first! I also started off with Pampers. I switched to asda nappies at the recommendation of several friends, & they were fab & then once he was a bit older I went onto Pull ups (they do them from an early age) & they are even better. I was always worried whether the nappy was too tight or loose so these were much more reassuring & had a much better fit!

Squtternutbaush Thu 11-Dec-14 08:44:42

Well done ma9gm sometimes it really is a simple little thing that slips your mind in the early days, the midwives had to show me the "pointer tip" after I buzzed 3 times in a panic about him over heating and sweating profusely grin

Also 3 minute feeds are totally normal, their stomachs are only about the size of a walnut for the first few days and gradually increase in size so it takes a tiny amount to fill but empties just as quick so take some time and relax just letting him latch whenever he fancies. I found a stretchy sling useful for the early days as it meant I could get on with things whilst DD slept on my chest, maybe this would be useful for you too?

You sound like your doing great smile

Woodenheart Thu 11-Dec-14 08:55:20

DD would only sleep on me for the first few months weeks.

We still co-sleep now, shes 19 months old hmmgrin

I used to lay a muslin under her on the change mat, then chuck it in the wash when if she weed all over it, warm for her back & easier to dry than a towel.

Congratulations, flowers

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 11-Dec-14 09:02:09

With the outfit changes sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious but are you taking envelope neck vests down instead of over his head? So you only have the clean one going over his head? Less stress for teenies.
And definitely undo nappy , waft air hold nappy over his bits then change him. Always worked with my ds.
And if you put a towel on the changing matt it soaks into the towel and doesn't run on the plastic and soak him.

gamerchick Thu 11-Dec-14 09:05:10

Go up a vest size if you're using the popper type.

ma9gm Thu 11-Dec-14 11:03:54

I'm going to try most of these ideas. Thank you very much. I was trying to put the envelop over his head to take it off, but as you mentioned, it must be better to take it down.

He had a 3 hour sleep, but when woke up his whole outfit was soaked. I was trying these new baby sensitive premium protection pampers. They're pretty consistent at failing. Will try the asda ones and a few of the others that have been recommended. I need to go shopping today. Might have to buy him a load more outfits.

Artandco Thu 11-Dec-14 11:09:35

Have you considered reusable nappies? I know not everyone likes but they are very easy once you work out.

I know some people only use at night as can make super absorbent.

Def look at the Wonderoos v3 nappies. Once insert added you just put on like a normal nappy. Approx £12 a nappy but you could buy say x2 to try / just use over night ( they are birth-potty train one size)

Samantha28 Thu 11-Dec-14 11:15:36

if his clothes are completely soaked , are you sure it's pee and not sweat ?

What clothes is he wearing when he goes for a nap ?

Artandco Thu 11-Dec-14 11:25:46

Also check his vest isn't too small, as if the poppers are tight under nappy they can cause tem to leak also as pressure on them

Squtternutbaush Thu 11-Dec-14 12:51:57

Would it be easier to keep him in babygro's until you get the nappies sorted then nothing needs to go over his head when he needs an outfit change?

I second cloth nappies, we started using them at 9 weeks and haven't had a leak since (now 21 months) so it might be worth looking out for a nappy library in your area where you can rent cheaply before making your mind up

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 11-Dec-14 17:50:47

If your house is warm, just try no vest and just a baby grow or vice versa with socks on for just a vest. my ds is quite a hot baby, so sometimes his hair was soaking when he woke up, he's still like this now, (as is DH) so he was generally just in one layer when in the house.
You can check how warm he is by feeling the back of his neck, for naps I used to lie him on a muslin on top of the sheet and no blankets, or a cellular blanket: My house is roasting thou.

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