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Terries for night-time: Total success (so far!)

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grant10 Sat 29-Nov-14 00:26:20

I've often read about how far cloth nappies have moved on and improved since the time when our parents had nothing other than terries, pins and plastic pants as an option - and we now have constant debate about which type of reusable is the best of the huge choice available (often at considerable cost)
Well, I'm compelled to fly the flag in support of the use of plain old terries, as I've found myself using them with great success for the last two weeks as an unexpected emergency measure on a 3yo at night.
Admittedly the need to boost with a second folded terry does make the nappy quite bulky, but for night time that really isn't a problem. I cover the nappy with cheap and simple plastic pants - and the significant fact is that despite some very wet nights I've had no leaks whatsoever and this does make me wonder why they aren't used more commonly, especially with the associated cost saving. (or maybe they are?!)
Is anybody else using the same traditional system with similar success....or is it just me being very lucky?
For now at least I'm giving them 10/10 !!

didiimaginethis Sat 29-Nov-14 08:04:25

I used terries for a while with DS2 when he was little, easy to use, fantastically absorbent and very quick to dry. Badically great.
He's in bumbles and bamboozle stretchies now but I might give the terries a go at night with some extra boosting.
Plus they are excellent towels/burp cloths/wipe up cloths etc

CatWithKittens Sun 30-Nov-14 10:51:14

I'm glad somebody else is flying the flag too - in our case many, many flags of Terry towelling over the years. We have had 5 in Terries - DS3, 2.10, is just about out of them in the day but still has night nappies and we have had up to 4 children in daytime nappies for several months and in night time ones for a year together. We have had very few wet beds and DS1, who was wet at night until he was 6.6 has said how much more comfy Terries are than the disposables we put him in once on holiday. Did you now, OP, that bigger - and thicker - Terries are available than the standard 60cm 24 inch square ones? We found those wonderful at night as the children got older.

grant10 Sun 30-Nov-14 13:43:25

Hi CWK. The nappies I have are actually bigger than regular ones - more like 70cm I think. The nappy pins are larger than normal too, for using with night nappies I think. It was all passed on to me by a friend who suggested using them on my ds at night would be the solution to his regularly leaking disposables. I never actually got round to trying them, stupidly as I now realise! I've unexpectedly had to use them on a friend's ds who I'm looking after for three weeks while she's away on the other side of the globe. He's actually out of nappies all together, but wet the bed the first two nights with me and totally rejected my suggestion of having either a sposie or pull-up under his pj's. So acting out of desperation really, I thought to try introducing terries to him as something special and novel, with no reference to them being a nappy whatsoever. I knew he'd never been in cloth before, so hoped he wouldn't connect with what we were doing when I had him helping me to fold his "special pants". Thank goodness it worked a treat - and he couldn't wait to see how we would magic it all together with the pins he was so fascinated with! So, my lucky idea turned out to be rather inspired - and he's been going to bed in terries every night for over two weeks now....and making full use of them too.
If only I'd taken the trouble to try them on my own ds I'd have avoided many wet beds through leaking sposies. Hey ho!

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