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Leaky nappies

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DilysDerwent Thu 13-Nov-14 15:19:43

My almost-8 week old has been in cloth nappies for a couple of weeks. Most times I change his nappy there is some dampness at the top of his right leg. I have 3 different brands of nappy (Little Lamb pockets, Charlie Banana and Tiny Nippers) and it happens with all of them.
I've been using 2 bamboo boosters in the nappies and changing every 2-3 hrs.
Any suggestions of what I can do? I'm struggling to keep up with changing his clothes with nearly every nappy change.

lentilpot Thu 13-Nov-14 19:27:40

Is he wearing vests? Those make my DS leak at the inner thigh unless they are really big or I only do the middle popper up.

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