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Green baby poo?!?

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TootToot Sun 20-Aug-06 19:14:26

My new baby is 9 weeks old and bottle/formula fed. Her poos used to be yellow (cottage cheese type), then they went a marbled yellow and green and now they are really quite green (and smelly!). Does anyone know if this is OK? Many thanks, Nicola

nicnack2 Sun 20-Aug-06 19:21:06

ds2 poos in the early weeks went from yellow to green to yellow then a bit like just ripe tomoto seeds. He was jaundice but we let this sort itself out naturally.HTH

makesachange Sun 20-Aug-06 19:36:34

Hi toottoot,

This sounds completely normal to me. If you're worried ask your health visitor but pre-weaned babies have all sorts of funny poo. A useful sheet is "what's in a nappy" from the National Childbirth Trust (click here ) which has pictures of different "ok" poos with milk-fed babies (ie pre-weaned).

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Flutterbye Sun 20-Aug-06 19:51:14

My 12 week old formula fed girlie has quite dark green poo's, used to be more yellow, she goes every other day and produces loads of the liquid variety!! Pretty normal I think.

TootToot Mon 21-Aug-06 08:41:53

Thanks everyone.

Mum2FunkyDude Mon 21-Aug-06 08:57:27 is a good source for information on poos, I read up on it with my baby and it usually happens around a growth spurt.

Niccers Fri 28-Dec-07 09:47:09

My 3 month old had a 2 week period of green poos and it just went away by itself in the end...I was worried, but she wasn't ill with it and we just put it down to her having eaten something or picked up something that upset her slightly...just like you or I occasionally. She still has the odd one now, like green straw. I think if you are unsure and it lasts for longer that you feel is normal, then see your health visitor

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