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reusable nappies from birth?

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insideout Tue 01-Apr-14 18:48:54

We are really keen to use reusable nappies this time around. I have been looking at the bumgenious flips but am unsure about using them from birth.Has anyone used them straight away or did you use an alternative? (And if you used an alternative what did you use?) Thank you!

SliceOfLime Fri 04-Apr-14 21:47:51

Most people find that BTP nappies don't fit straight from birth - they say they fit from 8lbs but most babies need to chub up a bit before they fit properly! A prefold or fitted nappy (eg a Bimble, a little lamb size 1, or a tots bots bamboozle stretch) with a small / newborn wrap over is a good option. I like Bummis wraps, or blueberry coveralls. The Nappy Lady does a newborn hire kit you could use to start. Also google 'UK Cloth Nappy Libraries' it should take you to a Facebook page with a map of nappy libraries - there may he one near you that could lend you a hire kit of different brands and styles to try. I would definitely try a few before buying a whole set of one type.

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