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One-part nappies that don't leak...

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MarrogfromMars Wed 19-Mar-14 11:56:51

I bought a few second-hand Tots Bots Easyfit (V3 I think) and I like that the soft outer looks more comfortable for baby than using a separate wrap, that they are easy for someone else to put on, and that they are in bright colours! But even with a bamboo booster they are prone to leaking. I could put a second booster in, but have two questions:

If they're problematic now, are they a lost cause when DS is a toddler, or does a toddler actually wee no more than a 5 month old baby whose entire diet is liquid?

Are there any equivalent nappies that are more reliable - and that I am likely to be able to pick up second hand or nearly new (too cheapskate to pay £££ for top of the range new ones!)

Many thanks

MavisG Wed 19-Mar-14 12:03:32

They probably just need 'stripping' - boil wash with bit of vinegar, no detergent. People wash them with too much powder (they need 1/3 or less than normal loads, 60 deg kills the bugs) and it builds up and makes them leak.

Best of all use soap nuts (v cheap). Or just strip occasionally. Ahem.

SliceOfLime Wed 19-Mar-14 17:12:23

I've heard quite a lot of complaints about V3 Easyfits leaking, I think they're a bit 'love or hate'. I would try strip washing and maybe contact Tots Bots for advice, apparently they sometimes recommend a short tumble dry on low setting (but check with TB first) to re-seal the PUL outer.

The new V4s are supposed to be better as they are made with bamboo but they are pricey. If you're looking for preloved then see if you can get the older V2s, they are also bamboo and I've heard they were more absorbent. If you're on Facebook search for the groups "totsbots preloved" and "preloved cloth nappies" there are usually some for sale on there.

Other brands to try are pop-ins with bamboo inners, or any pocket nappy with bamboo inserts (you could use the boosters you have, or Little Lamb pocket nappy inserts are £4 each on their website and are fab - a square of bamboo fleece that you fold into three for 3 layers of absorbency) or a pocket nappy with a folded prefold (flat nappy) used as an insert. You can get prefolds very cheap preloved, 50p - £1 each plus post, and they are really absorbent. Hope you find something that works!

MarrogfromMars Fri 21-Mar-14 13:47:54

Thanks for the advice. Tucking the booster inside rather than laying it on top has helped stop the leaking round the waist (after a few washes, they no longer smell of the previous owner's detergent, incidentally), but there's still a tiny bit of leakage occasionally at the edges and also where layers are sewn together. I'll have a look around at other brands.

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