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Night time solution for a super soaker!

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Spotsondots Tue 11-Mar-14 21:51:44

6 month DS has started wetting through his nappy, clothes, sleeping bag and sheets on a nightly basis. He has always been a fairly heavy wetter but recently he has got worse as we never used to have leaking issues except on the odd, especially thirsty occasion.

He is around 9kg and wears a size 4 pampers baby dry by day. We sized up to 4+ for night when the leaks started with limited improvement (a couple of dry nights). He seems to leak out the top at the side. He does lie on his side so maybe this is contributing? This evening we tried the mamia nappies from aldi in 4+ as everyone seems to rave about them. I have already changed him, his sleeping bag and his sheets and he only went down at 7pm hmm

What does the collective wisdom think I should try now?

Different brand of nappy? (Don't really want to spend ££ on various failed nappies as we are generally pretty happy with the baby drys)
Size 5?
Nappy cover over the top?
Size 5 over a size 4??

His willy points straight down (I have been obsessive about this since the leaking began!)


stargirl1701 Thu 13-Mar-14 19:25:58

Options I can think of:

A size 4 disposable with a size 5 disposable on top.

A size 4 disposable with a wrap on top (Motherease or Blueberry).

Little Lambs bamboo nappy, XL super booster and wrap (see above) from The Nappy Lady.

Good luck!

Spotsondots Fri 14-Mar-14 06:38:32

Thanks Stargirl.

After another soaking night I think we definitely need to explore any other options!

Thanks for the wrap recommendations. I remembered when I read your post that I have a couple of pre loved tots bots bamboozles stashed somewhere in the cupboard. May be time to dig them out...

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