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Training going well - how to get poo in the toilet though?

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jamiesam Sun 30-Jul-06 21:08:20

Ds2 (3) is doing really well with training, takes himself off to the loo for wees, is virtually dry at night as well. But he won't do poos anywhere but in the potty. I think he's afraid of falling in the toilet - we have one of those plastic insert things, but he refuses to let me put it on the toilet and insists on sitting on the potty instead. Hoping that he will come round to the idea of using toilet at some point - but any MN tips gratefully received

TooTicky Sun 30-Jul-06 21:18:10

Just one of those things that takes time and patience. He's probably more comfortable/secure on the potty - I wouldn't push the issue in case he gets himself constipated over it. At least he is using the potty - we had a dreadful poo-in-pants phase with ds2!

Elibean Sun 30-Jul-06 21:24:11

Agree with TT, but also....dd was scared of the 'big toilet' until we got her one of those inserts with handles on each side. She could hold on to them, and feels safe now. Worth a try?

FanjoandZooey Sun 30-Jul-06 21:31:01

A friend has had great success with this and we are considering getting one. It is really stable and with practice they can get on and off themselves - it doesn't slip or wobble.

I agree with tooticky - take it gently - every time I go too fast for ds (also 3) he gets quite stressy about poos.

ocd Sun 30-Jul-06 21:31:55

boye are blard awful at pooing

FanjoandZooey Sun 30-Jul-06 21:33:09

Yes why are they, cod? You are so right.

LittlePushka Fri 10-Oct-08 00:59:24

Too tickey, any tips for moving on from poos in the pants to poos in the potty? (Wees fine)

babbi Fri 10-Oct-08 19:51:07

Had identical problem with DD also 3 . She could wee fine in the toilet on her own but refused point blank to the point of hysteria to do poo`s anywhere but pants . I explained that she could not do it in her pants as it is not very nice and also difficult for her nursery teacher to deal with when she is busy. She goes to preschool 2.5 hours each day. (though teacher was great !)
We agreed she could ask for an nappy anytime she needed to poo and this would be the poo zone ! Deal was Mummy would not mention poos in the toilet again until DD was ready . This went on for six weeks until yesterday evening she said I need a poo so I said lets go and get your nappy - but she said no mummy in the toilet- went in on her own and called me in when she was done !!!
Msybe just back off until he is ready ?

Each child is different though , DD needs her own space to build confidence with things she cannot be pushed as this seems to panic her.

However please take heart that it will happen , I really thought DD would never get round to it .
Good luck !

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