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reusable nappies?

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notthegirlnextdoor Fri 13-Dec-13 19:49:32

We are planning to TTC next Spring and I really want reusable nappies. After spending 5 years with disposables with my 2 girls I want to use something different this time. But have no clue where to start. Bambino Mio seem to be a popular choice with a few packs available on Mothercare. Are there any other brands that are worth looking at? Not too fussed about the cost, plenty of time to stash a bit away every month. Any info and opinions will be gratefully received.

clairikins Fri 13-Dec-13 20:54:27

Go on the nappy lady website. There are lots of instructional videos and info about using cloth.

Also you can get the preloved on fb group. It's a bit cheaper

I've never used bambino mio myself. I using a mix of little blooms, tots bots easyfits, bumgenius and bambinex. Little blooms are dead cheap (about £5 each)

notthegirlnextdoor Fri 13-Dec-13 21:40:21

Thanks, thats great. Im coming across a lot of reviews on various brands talking about having to wash them several times before they have a decent absorbancy?

notthegirlnextdoor Fri 13-Dec-13 21:40:57

Also totally in love with Bum Genius!

clairikins Fri 13-Dec-13 21:55:37

Bamboo nappies are at their highest absorbancy after 5 washes. You can use them straight away but I wash them twice before hand.

I know bumgenius is a great name.

Little bloom nappies come in some lovely styles. That's one of the plus sides on cloth. Get them with bamboo inserts though

clairikins Fri 13-Dec-13 22:00:04

Also check with your council. Some give you deals or cashback if you buy cloth. It saves your council a fortune so they try and encourage cloth nappies

anderel Sun 15-Dec-13 21:34:10

"Like" Little Lamb nappies on FB - they often have amazing deals on. I have never paid more than £4-5 for a brand new Little Lamb nappy. I really rate their bamboo nappies for nighttime ( require a separate wrap) but also get on well woith their onesize nappy, which we used from 4 months or so (5kg?).

delasi Mon 16-Dec-13 18:10:04

If you are considering a 2 part/wrap, we use the Flip nappies (made by bumGenius). We changed to cloth after DS had weaned (not deliberately, that was just when we approached it properly) and the Flip system have been great for us. We use the Stay Dry insert during the day and Organic Night insert at night, DS sleeps 12h and rolls around all night but no leaks! Some of the pros of Flips are that they dry very quickly (I usually wash late at night, put on airer before bed around midnight, wraps and stay dry are dry by morning, organics by midday, in a cool room with no heating or dehumidifier. With the window open, they dry quicker). They also adjust for 3 sizes lengthwise and can accommodate a huge range of waist sizes as they are birth to potty (I think the same can be said for a lot of reusables). We have them in poppers as I don't like velcro/aplix and they're still easy to fasten.

Our area gives a £54 voucher for cloth nappies, so as another pp said it's good to find out what your council does.

A lot of people I know use flushable liners, and I was convinced that I needed them in order to manage with reusables, but I actually much prefer washable fleece liners. They stay in place and catch all the poo, whereas the flushables don't for us and so end up being a bit useless. It also works out cheaper.

Related to this, we use a SmartPail and Smartipants wet bag and much prefer them to a regular bucket and the drawstring wet bags.

Although I haven't done this so far, a key thing to remember is you can mix brands and nappy types according to your needs, so there's no need to spend £250+ on a complete system from one brand. We spent about £120 initially, really got on with the Flips and so then added to the stash. It cost about £200 in total, but we spent about £150 as we had the council voucher.

There may also be nappuccinos in your area where you can see all the different types of reusable, ask questions and get info about nappy libraries and your local council schemes/offers. We have a nappy library here where you get 15 different nappies to try for a month for £15.

duvetheaven Sun 05-Jan-14 20:24:42

Look on these sites for good selections of nappies - and good luck

molu Thu 27-Feb-14 21:57:52

hi, I've got lots of nearly new and used nappies, plus wraps, plus rolls of liners which I'd like to sell. Didn't really use washables on my second child as she was soo big she looked enormous in them! Did well with the first child though. Anyone know where is a good place to sell them? thanks

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