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Bumgenius Flip - tips and recommendations?

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delasi Fri 22-Nov-13 15:00:28

DS is nearly 1yo and I've decided, at last, to use cloth nappies. I've had advice from the Nappy Lady, I went to a Nappuccino, I've looked at far too many YouTube videos and websites... it's time smile

Of the different people I've spoken to I've been overwhelmingly recommended to go for the Bumgenius Flip, based on comparing DS with similar children and what I'm looking for. However I also know that people will go for different branded inserts for different purposes, so I'm trying to work those out too.

DS is tall (98th %), he is 75th % for weight and looks average build to me - slightly chubby in a baby sense, but still slim and still comfortably wears many tops aimed at 6-9mo (I think he must have long legs, as it's always just the trousers aimed at his age bracket that come up short).

We currently use Pampers Baby Dry (size 4). He sleeps 12h at night and so has a heavier nappy in the morning, but it's actually lighter now than at 8mo so he seems to pee less at night these days. During the day he doesn't often have a heavy nappy, and he'll poo usually 1-2 times.

I've heard that the Flip Stay Dry inserts (the microfibre ones) are good and quick drying, but offer just average absorbency. The Organic cotton insert (looks like/is a prefold) is supposed to be much more absorbent. I think you could wrap the prefold around the Stay Dry for extra padding. I have no idea what boosters I could potentially use if necessary. I also want to use flushable liners.

So, any tips, advice, experiences, recommendations?

delasi Fri 22-Nov-13 15:10:40

Oh, I also saw on one website today that the Flip wrap is expected to last 6 months with regular use. Is that it?! Or is that normal for a wrap? Or are they just estimating conservatively to be covered?

Rootvegetables Thu 09-Jan-14 10:59:10

I used flips for 2 years they were good, I think generally with cloth you change a bit more often than disposables. But if you want extra absorbency you can find a small bamboo liner or even 2 for overnight long car journeys etc, having too many extra bits in the day can be a bit bulky. I had quite a lot of covers maybe 10 but they never wore out at all, I iften washed the covers in with the normal washing at liw heat and the inserts properly.

Rootvegetables Thu 09-Jan-14 11:00:07

I'm just about to use the same lot for baby number 2 and the covers are all fresh looking the inserts perfectly useable but a bit grey!

delasi Thu 09-Jan-14 18:32:03

Thanks for the info smile We've been using Flips for about 6 weeks and it's gone very well, we're full time cloth now, use washable liners (turns out, I don't like flushable ones so much!). Glad to hear they've lasted you so well, I'm hoping to use them with DC2 when the time comes.

Do you have a recommendation for any bamboo liners/boosters? Overall DS is fine with the Stay Dry and Organic Night, but occasionally when we go out he needs a little extra absorption (I think it's the position he's in sometimes in the buggy or the carrier) so was thinking of having some on hand.

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