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Washable nappies suddenly leaking at 14 months- any ideas?

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AbbiG Thu 21-Nov-13 19:41:57

Hi! I have been using washable nappies with my son since he was a few weeks old without a problem. He's now 14 months old. We've had 5 leaks in the last 2 days! V strange as we rarely have leaks at all. Anyone had the same happen, any idea why? They are bumgenuis pocket nappies one piece. Cheers

AbbiG Thu 21-Nov-13 19:44:53

Just wanted to add that they are velcro fastening and I use them with a microfleece liner. He's quite small about 25th percentile.

SliceOfLime Sun 01-Dec-13 16:59:26

You probably need to add an extra booster as he gets bigger he will pee more - Little Lambs do bamboo boosters which are slim bu more absorbent than the microfibre ones the BumGenius come with, it maybe worth buying a couple of those and trying one underneath the microfibre booster (ie with the MF one closest to the baby) Also you probably don't need an extra fleece liner as BG are already fleece lined, it maybe causing the wee to 'run off' the nappy rath than being absorbed. Another thing to try is 'strip washing' to make sure that the isn't a build up of detergent in the nappies. Have a look at the Nappy Lady website, she has an information page on washing nappies which includes advice on how to do a strip wash. Basically a hot wash and lots of rinsing. Hope that helps!

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