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DS nearly 1yo - thinking of going cloth - talk to me!

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delasi Tue 19-Nov-13 16:14:46

Considered reusable when pg and got a bit overwhelmed and gave up. It's come back into my mind now and I want to give it a proper go.

I've found a local meet up that gives info on cloth nappies and I've registered to go to the next one, but until then I would like some more info, experiences, tips, recommendations - anything that might be useful really smile

So, questions!

1. DS is 98th % for height and 75th % for weight. In Pampers he wears a size 4, although it's starting to get a bit small on the waist. What kind of size/s should I be looking at? Brands that are better for long/big babies?

2. I want good absorption (sleeps 12h at night) and to use biodegradable disposable liners, for ease of disposing of sticky poop and I think it would ease us in better. Also they will have to dry indoors as I have no outside space, so hopefully not too difficult to dry. What kind/s of make up of nappy, materials, shape etc, might be appropriate?

3. I only need/want nappies for 1yo+, how many nappies might I need and what are the average costs? Eg wraps, liners, boosters (?), fluffy bits, erm, whatever goes inside! Just the regular cost, I know that we can get a voucher for about £50.

4. Will I have to get bigger sizes later on, or just different liners, or different fluffy bits?

5. How often do you change the nappy? When you change it, is it just chucking the liner, or do you also change the fluffy stuff, or the wrap also...? What do you do for changes whilst out - do bits go into a little bag or something?

6. Do you wash them separately or with clothes? I also read that you need to wash them several times before use to improve absorbency, how many washes does it usually take?

Btw I'm talking about wraps and cloth and such but in reality I have no idea what is what. Just that liners exist and sound like a good idea grin

Aquariusgirl86 Tue 19-Nov-13 16:47:55

Wow I can't remember all those questions!!! The nappy lady has a questionnaire you can do and get her advice which is excellent.
You are probably looking at bamboo for absorbency but takes ages to dry, do u have much inside drying space? I have 2 toddlers in cloth and am finding winter drying hard but one would prob be ok if u have an airing cupboard or space to constantly gave an airer up?

Aquariusgirl86 Tue 19-Nov-13 16:50:20

You can get wet bags to take out and about. Ummmm

delasi Tue 19-Nov-13 16:53:46

Ha sorry, I like to be thorough grin blush

The nappy lady, you say? <off to Google>

I don't mind having a permanent airer up, I pretty much do now as it is. We have a tumble dryer but I read that it's not good to tumble dry them. How long do they take to dry? Our house is relatively warm due to good insulation (but no central heating or gas and no airing cupboard) and our clothes usually dry within a couple of hours, but all of our air drying is light things like shirts and underwear, I imagine a cloth nappy would take a fair bit longer.

Aquariusgirl86 Tue 19-Nov-13 17:05:15

Yeah if you google her it will bring up a link , I'm happy to answer questions but she's the expert.
Cooking the kids dinner ATM but always up for talking bout cloth nappies.
Favourites for me are tots bots bamboozle stretch, with bamboo booster that you fold (£4 little lamb pocket booster) this in my opinion is the ultimate for my 2.5 year old day and night and my 15 month old at night.
During the day on my 15 month old I use pockets little lamb and baba and boo which are sufficient for his needs and dry much quicker.
For high absorbency little lamb bamboo and "a mama knows" are good, though bamboozles are my favourite.
Favourite wraps are blueberry or little lambs.
My 2.5 year old still wears size two mainly but and my 15 month old is also in size 2. But he is 98th centile aswell so if he gets to 2.5 and isn't potty trained I think he would need a size 3.....
Hmmmmm what else....
Oh bamboo about 48 hours to dry is a conservative guess, depends in my old airing cupboard it could be 24 and with no heating on maybe 36 at worst......

Aquariusgirl86 Tue 19-Nov-13 17:07:42

Wraps can go a couple or changes
If they poo literally just after I change them I just change the liner but other than that it's changing the whole fluff
Pockets you change the whole lot each time.
I find a good nappy goes 3-4 hours
What area are you in? There are cloth nappy libraries that you can borrow from to see what you like?

KirstyJC Tue 19-Nov-13 17:07:47

I would buy second hand ones to start with. Then you can try a range and find out what works best for you, then use your voucher to buy them!

I have mainly used Bumgenius, there are different types but the ones I have are aplix (like velcro) and get made up with 1 or 2 inserts inside, so when you put them on they are just like a disposable. It meant DH and nursery both managed with no difficulties! They are a type called pocket nappies, ie you open the outside up and stuff inserts inside. Other well-known pockets are Tots Bots, Fuzzi Bunz.

You can also get all in ones, or snap in ones, which are all made up and don't come apart. These are easiest of all to use (no need to stuff them or separate them for washing) but they take longer to dry. Best known brand I can think of offhand is Itti Bitti.

Then you get 2 part shaped nappies, which are the absorbant inner (mostly made from towelling material, either bamboo or cotton) and then a waterproof outer. In theory you can just change the inner and re-use the outer a couple of times, but in practice it is rare to get more than one change out of it. You can try Little Lambs, Tots Bots, Bambinex.

The quickest drying are flat terries, available in either cotton or bamboo (but I would only get bamboo as they still dry quickly but are way more absorbant). These need an outer waterproof wrap too and because they aren't already shaped you need to work out how to fold them! Def the cheapest and quickest to dry though.

If you want ones that will grow with him, get either flat terries or birth-to-potty ones - they are adjustable. My bumgenius fitted him from about 3 weeks and still fitted DS2 when 3.2.

As to how many you need, well I have a stash of about 20 (16 Bumgenius plus a couple of others) and with a 2.5yo that was enough to wash every 2-3 days. But then I am a lazy slattern who would happily leave him in a nappy another hour if it meant no washing maybe it would be better to change more frequently than I did! If you are prepared to wash more often then you could prob get away with about 12-15 or so, allowing for ones he's wearing whilst waiting for the rest to dry.

We used disposable liners too, you can get thick ones which are washable (assuming wet only) so they were used a good few times. Never used our fleece liners so I wouldn't bother with them, esp if you are thinking of disposable liners anyway.

I used fleece wipes and a spray bottle (Boots travel type). Wash sep from clothes, although occasionally one found its way in with no ill effects! You can wash at 40 with small amount of detergent, no conditioner. When storing them waiting to wash, you need a container with a lid, just chuck them in dry - no soaking (unless you want poo soup!)

I would have a look around some sellers websites and read some reviews. Then try some and see how you get on!

delasi Tue 19-Nov-13 17:26:48

Thank you so much for the detailed info so far! I've already done my Nappy Lady questionnaire wink Off to Google again to found out more about the different brands and types, thank you.

On the washing front again... so you would do something like 2-3 loads per week just for the nappies? We only do 2 loads per week right now as it is, so it seems like a lot more, but I guess the environmental and financial impact but must still be a lot lower than disposable.

Aquariusgirl86 Tue 19-Nov-13 17:31:50

Yeah I think for 1 cloth toddler 2-3 a week, the less often you wash the more you need. I do a load every 1-1.5 days with two in cloth and I cannot wait to just have one in cloth!
But then we have a lot of clothes washing too, usually a total of 2 loads a day including nappies.

mrsmartin1984 Wed 20-Nov-13 00:48:25

1. He'd prob need a size 2. Although allot of nappies go from birth to potty. So he'd be on the middle setting

2. the rule of thumb is that nappies that take longer to dry are the most absorbant eg bamboo. I use bamboo at night and they last. You can buy super boosters (they lie on the nappy like a sanitary towel) if needed

3.try getting preloved ones because they can be resold for about the same price as brought. It all depends on which ones are your favourite

4. At this stage you prob won't need to buy more. Normally the sized ones come in size one (7-20lbs ish) and size 2 (18-35 lbs ish) which should last until he is potty trained. You can buy size zero for prem/small babies and size 3 for large toddlers of children if needed

5. If you have an all in one nappy you change the whole thing (like disposibles) otherwise you can leave the waterproof wrap on and change the nappy bit

6.I wash separately. You can't use fabric conditioner on nappies (it ruins the absorbancy). I wash through twice before use. Though it takes 5 washes to reach their peak

Have a look on the nappy lady website. There is lots of info plus youtube videos on how each nappy works

delasi Fri 22-Nov-13 14:42:27

Thanks all for the advice - this has helped me a lot in making my decision and I think I now have some nappies that I want to start with. Just off to ask some more MNers about their experiences with it but I think this is the one!

KirstyJC Fri 22-Nov-13 19:36:46

If you are planning on buying Bumgenius let me knowwink

delasi Fri 22-Nov-13 19:55:08

Kirsty I am intrigued... was thinking about Flip...

Janek Fri 22-Nov-13 20:08:05

I used to have 17 nappies, this generally meant i washed them every three days - four nappies per day, washing on when i put on the '13th' nappy, iyswim (nappies 1-4 day 1, 5-8 day2, 9-12 day 3, nappy 13 = wash on. Then nappy 13 becomes nappy 1...), then I still had 4 clean ones which should last me till the second change the next day. Do you follow?!?

And i put my sheets, towels and other whites in with my nappies. It was great. Now i often have trouble scheduling a white wash, it used to be no trouble when i was washing nappies too...

delasi Fri 22-Nov-13 21:37:59

Janek That is a really useful description, thank you!

ameliarose2012 Fri 22-Nov-13 21:47:29

My local council run a scheme where you can get a selection of nappies for free. They don't advertise it, so it might be worth doing a google search.

I'm similar to you - my DD was 10mo - she's 17mo now - when we switched (though we'd had the nappies for ages!) I also had wanted to when pg, but felt overwhelmed with the idea. Now I wouldn't go back! We do still use disposables at night, as I can't seem to find one that'll keep it all in. Better than using them all the time though!

It's not nearly as difficult as people think. I got my whole set second hand for £40, including liners and covers. It's personal choice, but you can get some real bargains that way. Mine are OneLife, which they don't make anymore, but I also have a couple of Pop-Ins, which I love. Am going to invest in some more when we finally get round to having another.

She is in 4+ disposables, but easily fits into the smaller sizes of the birth-potty nappies. So size shouldn't be an issue.

If she's just pooed, then I'll just change the liner, but if the nappy is quite wet I change the whole thing. Usually a cover will last a day (unless you have an explosive poo!), so you don't need to buy an extra one. We usually only go through 2-3 a day, so only 1-2 extra washloads a week. I'm not nearly as organised as some people on here - I just throw one in whenever the drawer is looking empty!

When out and about I have a little bag:

I would definitely recommend investing in one - it holds 3-4 dirty nappies, but more importantly their smells!

Nappy libraries might be a good place to start for you. I think for a small fee you can borrow a selection of nappies and see what works for you.

Any more questions feel free to ask! I could talk about this stuff all day lol xxx

ameliarose2012 Fri 22-Nov-13 21:51:25

Oh, and just a thought, the liner is good in theory, but doesn't always catch everything iykwim! xxx

KirstyJC Sat 23-Nov-13 10:19:43

I have the Bumgenius pocket ones, and am selling all 16. (Or just one if you want to try one).

I did try the flips but I preferred the pockets, just because I found the pockets better because when packing them up for nursery they held together better (the flips often needed poking back together before using them) and also the inserts got stained much more in the flips - as pp said, the liners are fine but they won't catch it all, esp with an active toddler squirming around! It wasn't that much of a problem but for me it was just easier to use pockets the most. PM me if you are interested and I will send you the link to the page/forum where they are for sale.

delasi Thu 28-Nov-13 19:31:56

Just wanted to say thanks to you all for the tips and advice, it really helped in understanding how all of this works and to actually get down to it! We've just started with the Flips (using Stay Dry with a fleece liner during the day, Organic Night with a fleece liner for night - although tonight will be the first night!). So far so good, they're really easy to use, fit really well, no leaking. I really like how sturdy a reusable feels compared to disposables (does that make sense?!), plus they seem more comfortable a fit compared to the old disposables. All in all quite happy with the change!

hazchem Sat 30-Nov-13 23:13:04

I have a big boy and found that normal nappies stopped fitting at a little after 2. I've just found these EzyPeezies they actually go up til they are 5! can be used as a pull or or a normal pocket nappy or even a swim nappy. We are debating if we should buy a whole bundle as most of the large nappies we are getting too tight. I can only see an Oz stockist but maybe if you contact them they will help you.

At night we use bamboo terry squares with a motherease in extra large. Terry squares are pretty amazing! they are soft, very absorbent but because it's just one layer dry very fast and pretty cheap.

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