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Terry nappies

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clairem75 Sun 17-Nov-13 10:21:16

Hi all, I have DD age 5 months and I want to start using terry nappies. Everyone I speak to about this says 'I am mad' and 'nobody uses terries these days'. If anyone else here is using terries (foldable) nappies please can you convince me it is a good idea to use them.


NomDeClavier Sun 17-Nov-13 10:24:02

You are not mad. I used them and they're great. Although I found they stopped being quite so absorbent around 6months and as we had others that worked I didn't fork out for bamboo ones.

clairem75 Sun 17-Nov-13 10:26:17

Thanks for your reply. I have read that double folding or using two nappies pinned together is supposed to prevent leaks. What covers did you use?

NomDeClavier Sun 17-Nov-13 10:32:04

Mother ease airflow.

I think 2 nappies would be pretty bulky and I didn't pin - I used a nifty thing called a nappy nippa. Here are lots if different folds but even with very complex ones that supposedly bunched all the padding in the right place it wasn't working any more.

Do you have terries already or are you looking to buy? My advice would be buying a bigger square than you think and going for bamboo.

NomDeClavier Sun 17-Nov-13 10:33:23

Here. This time with link!

clairem75 Sun 17-Nov-13 10:36:23

Thanks. A friend gave me a pile or nappies and some plastic pants to pull over them. I have not bought any yet.

mrsmartin1984 Sun 17-Nov-13 19:26:04

Don't use pins!!! Use Nappy nippas!

CatWithKittens Mon 18-Nov-13 09:53:50

We have used Terries for five children and would not use anything else. They are flexible from birth to potty, quick drying, you only need one size until most children are out of nappies and there are bigger overnight ones available if needed. Two at night when a child is older are good until about 42 months in my experience. I would suggest buying the most expensive available as quite a lot of the cheaper ones being produced now are of much thinner material - we have some very old Harringtons ones which despite their age are still more absorbent than some of the newer ones. KosiKare, Totbots or the Nappy Lady's best ones are all good. I would not suggest buying the small ones - 60cm ones can be folded to fit even small babies and by 5 months you probably need the 60cm anyway. Good luck with it all - there is something quite good about seeing a line of fluffy white nappies blowing in the breeze.

FoofFighter Fri 22-Nov-13 11:52:58

I use terries - I use pretty much one of everything, I'm not loyal at all to any one type/brand :D Every now and a gain I have a terries week, I just did one as I was getting overrun with the washing after a stay in hospital and they dry very very quickly compared to my other fitted ones.

I like the origami fold just now but with the size of terries I have when she is bigger the pad between the legs bit won't be long enough for her so will then use the Gaynor fold I think it's called. I learnt the folding from youtube.

I've heard of folding two terries together, I think some folds it would be too bulky for though. Not tried it yet I have to say, if I think it needs boosting I throw a folded face flannel in there or a bamboo/hemp booster from my other nappies.

I use Motherease airflow (better I think than rikkis even though they are fab too! but airflow are more roomy and better for terries) and I also use disana wool pants (wool is magic!) and I use snappis not pins. I don't trust myself eve though I have a packet of emergency ones!!

I'm going to dye my terries to funk them up a bit - dylon stuff in the machine, did a load of fitteds in purple the other day - thinking some orange and aqua for the terries!

hazchem Sat 30-Nov-13 23:22:52

We use a mix of terries and pocket nappies. Terrys are good. I'd recommend getting bamboo as they really are absorbent and dry fast. I find they need movement to stay soft so drying outside is great as soft but dry fine on an airer. At night we use one terry nappy plus a bamboo or cotton or hemp booster like these ones (others types are available).
We use a snappies instead of pin and the airflow motherease.

We have pockets because a) i wanted something a bit smaller for my nappy bag and b) i wanted something a bit more exciting to look at.

SliceOfLime Sun 01-Dec-13 16:50:44

I've used them occasionally (mostly used cotton fitted nappies) and there are lots of good things about them, cheap, quick drying, adaptable to different shape and size babies. The Nappy Lady website and both have lots of info on folding. Yes to nappi nippas - they are so easy to use! Motherease airflow wraps are good as are Blueberry coveralls if you want something with more fun patterns n the outside... Would also recommend using a fleece liner (basic rectangle of thin fleece) on top of the nappy as it makes a stay dry layer rather than the feel of damp cotton. Disposable liners are great (can be used over fleece liners) for dealing with solid poo from older babies.

MightilyOats Fri 21-Mar-14 11:31:19

Just to say that I've moved to pins from nappy nippas - DP hates the nippa as he thinks its dangerous hmm and to be fair it doesn't often stay in place with a very active toddler. So I'm going to use some bright funky pins I got off ebay instead. Each to their own I guess! I have heard that nippas aren't so bulletproof once babies get mobile though.

cashmiriana Sat 22-Mar-14 19:17:15

so will then use the Gaynor fold I think it's called

If it's the fold for older girls, using the diagonal, with the bindings at the legs rather than a fold of cotton, it is indeed called the Gaynor fold!

And my claim to fame is that Gaynor was a friend of mine years ago - we were in the same Real Nappy Network together, and had children the same age. Who are now 14! She taught me that fold and it lasted DD2 for ages - though at night I boosted with either a small terry or newborn prefold.

I liked Motherease wraps with terries - the poppered ones - and nappy nippas. The origami / bat fold is really easy to get a nice neat fit so long as you roll the legs in.

However I have to confess that I like thin but large terries as they were more flexible and less bulky.

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