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Tots bots bamboozles not cutting it overnight.

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ParrotsHilton Sun 03-Nov-13 08:16:48

DS is 18 months and sleeps 12-13 hours every night. However, his night nappies have started leaking. We use totsbots bamboozles with an extra bamboo insert. The wrap completely covers the nappy so that isn't the problem. All the nappies were recently washed at 90.
I really don't want to resort to disposables at night. The expense! Does anyone have any solutions?

stargirl1701 Sun 03-Nov-13 16:10:10

A hemp booster?

A bamboo super booster from The Nappy Lady?

Cookethenook Mon 04-Nov-13 16:49:32

Blimey! I thought bamboozles were totally leak proof! Poor you, i hate it when they wake up wet at night sad

We use MioBoost with them at night and find that to be more than sufficient. DS2 still feeds at night and is a heavy wetter.

DontCallMeDaughter Mon 04-Nov-13 16:52:58

We could never find anything to last over night. The Nappy Lady recommended a bamboozle with motherease wrap and xl superbooster. Dd refused to wear it as the booster was so bulky so we swapped to a single pampers overnight. It breaks my heart... But it's only 16.5p a day if you shop around and cheaper if you don't use pampers!!

Aquariusgirl86 Tue 05-Nov-13 10:53:44

I use a bamboozle with one of thd boosters that goes in a little lamb sized pocket £4 on the nappy lady. Almost never get leaks with a 2.5 year old and and 14 month old despite them drinking a lot of milk before bed :-)

FoofFighter Fri 08-Nov-13 16:35:24

What wrap are you using? I would go for a wee notions night notions nappy, they have 14 layers plus I believe a pocket to stuff if need be?

chocolatemartini Fri 08-Nov-13 17:01:03

Bamboozles are better than disposables IME. I used them with a hemp booster when DS was night feeding a lot. Never found anything better sorry! Did have to switch from tots bots to motherease wraps though, that helped keep all the wee in.

brettgirl2 Sun 10-Nov-13 19:13:24

2 bamboo inserts? the best ones I find overnight are some cheapy pocket ones that I can stuff enormously full with a wrap over.

If they sleep that long though any type of nappy will leak at times.

pudtat Sun 10-Nov-13 22:55:05

I use a Guerilla Fluff Ultitarian with a Blueberry wrap. Surprisingly trim for 14 layers of bamboo but not cheap.

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