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Nappy questions

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cantdecideonanewname Sun 27-Oct-13 15:49:40

I have a few things I was wondering about. The nappies I'm using are cotton little lambs with little lamb wraps.

I'm using fleece liners and thought it was supposed to act as a stay dry layer against their skin but my dd's skin is damp at nappy changes. Am I leaving it too long between changes, dd is 8 weeks, I change roughly every 3 hours.

When I change a pooey nappy I hold the liner in the toilet and flush to try and get the poo off but it doesn't all come off, should I soak the liners with the reusable wipes or put the liner in the bucket with the nappies (I dry pail) Which leads to my next question should I wash nappies separately from everything every thing else or is all right to wash light clothes and nappies together.

Think that's everything.

Thanks for any advice.

mrsmartin1984 Mon 28-Oct-13 20:37:51

Are you using a booster as well as the nappy? If so this could be your problem.

Is your child ebf? Poos are far runnier so what allot of people do is either use thick disposible liners (like bambinex) or wipe of the poo with toliet paper/baby wipes.

I use bamboo myself so because they are more absorbant.

cantdecideonanewname Tue 29-Oct-13 08:43:25

Thanks mrsmartin , no I'm not using a booster, the nappy info suggested not to use it straight away but she does seem to she might be a heavy wetter, I'll put a booster in the next nappy change.

Baby is FF.

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