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Cloth from Newborn. Advice welcomed.

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faithfulandtruthful Mon 14-Oct-13 14:17:45

Hello lovely ladies.

I am due in March next year and am planning to use cloth from day one (although will have some naty nappies on hand incase we get overwhelmed).

I have done some reasearch and I plan to use folded muslins and wraps to get us through the early days then try out different nappies to discover what works best for us.

My question is what wraps would you recommend for a newborn? I am happy to buy bigger sizes as our baby grows. Fit is most important.

Are wool wraps worth trying on a newborn?

How old will my baby be before the shaped nappies will fit?

How long am I likely to be able to use muslin for before we need something more substantial?

Also others mention boosters, is it worth buying some just incase?

I already have tonnes of prefolds and some old totsbots which look like they will take an age to dry all given to me for free! Ultimately I know I am going to want some form of shaped nappy but im I'm happy to wait and try them out when ready.

Thank you.


peanutMD Mon 14-Oct-13 14:30:41

Congratulations, i had my DD in March this year and started using cloth at 9 weeks as we hadn't really.discovered then beforehand smile

I definately prefer sized wraps as BTP just didn't seem to be a good fit for us, you could try wool but tbh i'm not sure hire good they'd be with a newborn lying still all the time but i'm not sure on that.

I'd recommend Motherease Rikki wraps to start as i find these quite soft and way to use.

By shaped nappies do you mean Birth to potty or sized?

In my experience Birth to potty is cheapest but i do think they comprise on fit with smaller babies, they worked fir us from around 9lbs but i prefer my sizrd nappies as these are less bulky although this did mean extra cost but if you buy wisely (very good bargains
on the Facebook pre-loved page) you can ark I'm fir ok cloth page)

peanutMD Mon 14-Oct-13 14:38:16

oops phone went mad!

If you buy preloved you can generally get back most of your money to but bigger sizes add required.

How long you get from a muslin is depressant on your baby, sine are heavy wetters do won't hooks fire long but others aren't so will Gerty longer from them, but I've say 6 weeks maximum.

As for boosters it totally depends on what you're using, for my 2 part nappies i like Little Lamb bamboo as they are slim but i didn't need to body these until fairly recently.

During the day we use Gnappies with the odd pocket chucked in and i like Charcoal bamboo best for this.

I also have some All in ones where the boosters are attached and i quite like these for quick changes.

i wouldn't wiry about boosters fir more thigh unless you buy pockets.

Giod luck! smile

TheRobberBride Mon 14-Oct-13 14:45:29

I bought some tiny newborn nappies before moving on to BTP when my DCs were about 3 months old. My favourite wraps on my newborns were Thirsties. I foundthe gusset very good for containment! Wool is well worth using on a newborn. I'd buy second hand if you can though-wool soakers are quite expensive and work out more so when you factor in that they will only fit a newborn for a matter of weeks. But wool is lovely on little babies.

Shaped nappies (also known as fitteds) can be bought in any size from newborn to toddler. Did you mean birth to potty nappies? These generally fit from about 10 lbs - though it depends on your baby!

Personally, I could never have got away with just muslins. They simply would not have been absorbent enough for my two. They were quite heavy wetters as newborns. So I would be prepared for this possibility and invest in some boosters or newborn prefolds.

FoofFighter Mon 14-Oct-13 16:13:05

Wool doesn't matter if they are lying still, that's fleece that compression leaks for that.

The only wraps I have tried that I would recommend happily are Motherease (either rikki or airflow, both as good as each other!) and wool disanas (am a recent convert!)

I started on day 5 and the size one shaped nappies fitted well, lollipops, little lambs, diddy diapers. Also used prefolds in the ME wraps. She fitted into btp pocket nappies by about 3 weeks, bulky between her legs yes but she wasn't walking so what does it matter smile

I too don't think I could have got away with muslins for more than the first few days tbh, but you can always stick in a bamboo booster, theya re super thin.

FoofFighter Mon 14-Oct-13 16:16:01

and grin at peanut's typos grin

FoofFighter Mon 14-Oct-13 16:19:05

oh and newborn nappies are outgrown so very quick and are pretty much a waste of money so buy preloved

mrsmartin1984 Mon 14-Oct-13 18:08:35

I used some bamboo shaped size one nappies without the insert to begin with (bambinex and little lambs). Bumgenius are good because they have a thin newborn insert which we used for the first month then moved on to the bigger one.

Easyfit nappies are good but although they say birth to potty they aren't really unless you have a massive baby. OK after about 10lbs

And yes buy preloved if you are getting newborn nappies. Then you can sell them on for roughly the same price

peanutMD Mon 14-Oct-13 19:10:17

Foof my phone is supposed to be smart but it most definately needs spelling lessons... stupid auto-correct grin

Good to know about wool as want sure abut compression was planning to ask you anyway ;)

faithfulandtruthful Mon 14-Oct-13 21:11:41

Thank you ladies for your advise so far.

I should have said (I was on my phone today also) I plan to use sized nappies and all preloved, selling the nappies that I have finished with and buying bigger sizes as I need them. I feel that I would prefer a smaller nappy than one that is huge that I have to resize. All sugestions welcomed.

I am not up on my terminology (sorry still learning) I am thinking I want something that dries reasonably quickly but is fitted I am happy to use a two part system and something which folds out or is separate for drying. I know I don't want to use nappies I have to fold as a permanent thing. I hope to air dry rather than tumble drying.

I have heard of bamboo muslins so I will probably get some of those as well, I have read you can double muslins (as in fold two together) for an increased absorbancy plus I'm planning as I said to get some bamboo boosters.

Thanks again for the info all very interesting.


faithfulandtruthful Tue 15-Oct-13 07:05:54

I know I don't want to use nappies I have to fold as a permanent thing

Sorry teminology again! I know I dont want to permanently be using flats. I'm hoping this is correct term?


cyclecamper Sat 09-Nov-13 20:08:45

I used bumgenius xs and tots bots teeny fit from very early with my (very) little one. He was 4lb.12 and we had a good 4 months from the bumgenius ones and a fair bit from the teenyfits, although they leeked before he grew out of them. At 6 months he's now in a mixture but I still use bumgenius s, so I should think most larger babies would fit them quite quickly. I used the Small ones over night to start with and now only during the day. He's only just growing in to the birth to potty ones now at 12lbs!

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