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Moltex nappies - anyone tried?

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lisayb Tue 27-Jun-06 12:54:49

Although I'm planning to use washables at some stage, I thought I'd use disposables until I've found my feet with the new baby (currently 36 weeks). Has anyone used these and are they all they're made out to be?

fennel Tue 27-Jun-06 12:55:41

we use them when we can't use washables. they seem fine really but we don't use many other disposables to compare them with.

geekgrrl Tue 27-Jun-06 12:56:28

I presume you mean Moltex Oeko? (They also do bog-standard ones)
They're very nice. Only ones that my dd1 wasn't allergic to. I didn't use them for subsequent children with less sensitive botties because they're quite pricey.

geekgrrl Tue 27-Jun-06 12:57:24

Nature Boy & Girl are also good - and unlike Moltex they can be composted. Moltex behave like any other disposable nappy in the landfill, I believe.

mcmudda Tue 27-Jun-06 13:01:12

I used them for the first few weeks until dd grew into her washables. They were fine - occasional leaks, but no more than the stack of pampers the hospital gave us to use! They don't have the weird chemical smell that Huggies and Pampers seem to have - no odour absorbers - just tea extract.

Buy them in bulk (ie 3 bags at a time) and then you'll have some spare for weekends away or those inevitable days when the washing just doesn't happen. Get some biodegradable nappy sacks too so the nappies have a chance to degrade once they're in landfill - plastic nappy sacks just defeat the purpose.

I was grateful to get dd into the Totsbots though once that newborn fog had cleared and I remembered how to use the washing machine

Pruni Tue 27-Jun-06 13:07:17

Message withdrawn

fennel Tue 27-Jun-06 13:11:05

i thought Nature boy and girl were a con and actually it's only the plastic bag they come in which can be biodegraded, if you read the small print. at least that's what I gathered by reading the packet in the supermarket, a couple of years ago now. perhaps they've changed.

lisayb Tue 27-Jun-06 13:12:14

Thanks - also I can't decide between tots bots and motherease onesize for reusables - is it best to wait and see how big the baby is? And is it worth waiting until the baby is a bit bigger before buying them?

fennel Tue 27-Jun-06 13:14:10

i haven't used totsbots but we have used Motherease from newborn to toddler with 3 children and they aren't too hard to use on a newborn. though my dds weren't particularly small newborns, none under 8lb.

bobsmum Tue 27-Jun-06 13:14:13

Moltex can be composted but won't degrade brilliantly in landfill because they're buried with no air getting at them. If you do want to compost them it has to be in a womery - they'll just sit in a conventional composter and do nothing ASFAIK.

mawbroon Tue 27-Jun-06 13:15:11

Only thing that puts me off moltex is the price. I don't know if you are near a Waitrose, but I see that they sell biodegradable nappies at just over half the price of Moltex Oko. I have tried them and they are fine.

Pruni Tue 27-Jun-06 13:15:43

Message withdrawn

UniSarah Tue 27-Jun-06 17:16:04

Like most disys they are fine unless your baby is about to grow out of that size or only just grown into it. then they can be a bit gappy. As others have said they don;t smell chemically loke huggies/pamers etc. Bit pricey too. But you can enjoy a nice warm green glow while useing them.

NotAnOtter Tue 27-Jun-06 17:18:34

i use natures but they go quite lumpy - i think they smell quite strong too!

wilbur Tue 27-Jun-06 17:38:35

I use Moltex Oco (and washables as well) and think they're great. They don't do that weird swelling thing that pampers do as they have far less of the gel and it's locked away in the core instead of scattered throughout the nappy like the others. Because you don't get the drag of the heavy gel nappy, I found we get far fewer leaks with them than when we have to use pampers or huggies because we've run out. And far less chemical smell too. I buy them in bulk from (they have an offer on at the moment for boxloads if you have the space) and I worked out they are about the same price as Pampers premiums if you buy them that way. HTH.

skerriesmum Tue 27-Jun-06 18:07:29

I used them with my first but stopped after a few months as it got too expensive. They don't break down fully anyway because they still contain the gel, just not as much of it, and also they have plastic tape and fasteners just like regular nappies. Is there separate compost rubbish collection in your area? They might collect the nappies in the usual green bin. If not, then it's not really worth the money.

h23 Tue 27-Jun-06 18:11:56

i don't think Moltex are 100% biodegradeable - again it's just the packaging that is, but i feel better about using them than pampers etc... at least there was no bleach used in their production.
Not sure how small they go though- we didn't use them on DD as a newborn because i think she was too small, but the pampers gave her a terrible rash!

lisayb Tue 27-Jun-06 22:41:43

thanks for all the advice

klinsmann Thu 05-Jul-07 22:59:12

Hello, I just wanted to add that Moltex nappies are 100% biodegradable and you can put them in your own compost bins in your back garden.
If you live in Weymouth you can get these locally on line from

cupcakes Thu 05-Jul-07 23:03:47

I use the Naturecare ones from Waitrose but get the Moltex ones from the local healthfood shop when I can't get out to do a big shop. Wouldn't buy them all the time as they are really expensive - although they do work well.

PoshShinyNewTent Thu 05-Jul-07 23:05:18

I'm not fond of the fit of the 'new' Moltex Oko - no 'stretch' round the middle, so hard to get fitted but comfy on a cuddly chubster of the BF butterball variety!!!!!! Much prefer Bambo Nature, which I got from Spirit of Nature, but not sure about composting them.

PoshShinyNewTent Thu 05-Jul-07 23:07:03

Am also very surprised to hear that Moltex are 100% biodegradable! - Nice on sensitive skin though. Had to get some Pampers once and they stank and were useless.....

Washersaurus Thu 05-Jul-07 23:20:37

I use the Nature baby ones on the odd occasion I need to, and am pretty sure they can't be composted due to their gel content.

Look here for more info on composting the Moltex nappies.

klinsmann Thu 12-Jul-07 22:39:02

You can also compost the packaging for the moltex nappies.

berolina Thu 12-Jul-07 22:44:48

We use and love the eco-Moltex, but have found that in the smaller sizes, especially the size 2s, they are not ideal. ds is in the size 4s atm and they're fab.

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