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Cloth diaper - non fussy for 1-2lb baby.

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MultipleMama Sun 29-Sep-13 21:12:14

May need micro diapers for one of my twins. Been told I can use cloth diapers but have to non fuss i.e no fiddling with inserts or tricky to fasten. Are they're any available.

We've been looking at Happy Heiny's Micro-mini and they look perfect. Anybody have any experience, or know of any other preemie diapers?

Thanks in advance.

mrsmartin1984 Sun 29-Sep-13 23:08:24

I don't know any that go that small. Normally the smaller ones start at around 5lbs. Most people use a muslin on diddy babies. Which are tricky to fasten

FoofFighter Wed 02-Oct-13 11:14:37

Have asked on my cloth nappy fb group - I think if there aren't any then I'd go for the muslins too, they won't need to be very absorbent on such a littly, and because they are so thin it shouldn't be toooo bulky. Use nappinippas - but then you'd need a wrap too hmmm..

FoofFighter Wed 02-Oct-13 11:18:06

Found a preemiw wrap... click on the sizes list and it's at the bottom

FoofFighter Wed 02-Oct-13 12:21:09

Someone suggests bambooty xs all in ones and lil joeys - but somoeone else pointed out hospitals generally weigh nappies of babies in ICU and HDU to check they are peeing Nd pooping. They like to use their own nappies as they know how much they weigh prior to #1 and 2

FoofFighter Wed 02-Oct-13 15:54:35

Think have found some possibles for you

MultipleMama Wed 02-Oct-13 20:30:46

Thank you. I asked the nurse and she said they'd weight the cloth diapers the same way they would disposables.

At the minute none are in diapers just a cloth mat thing they have under their bottom and draped over their bits. They tried a nappy on T2 (3lbs 1oz) and it distressed her too much, so they've left it off for now.

NuzzleandScratch Mon 07-Oct-13 18:14:43

Tots Bots do a nappy for dollies that's supposed to also be suitable for premature babies. They're called Dolly Tots. Although looking online, they say suitable from 4lb, so perhaps still too big.

NomDeClavier Mon 07-Oct-13 18:20:12

A muslin in a triangle fold with a nappy nippa is easy to fasten really.

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