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Another resueable nappy question

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Madratlady Sat 28-Sep-13 14:46:16

well, 2 questions actually. Or possibly 3. Anyway:

The boosters that came with my little lambs look like thin bits of towel. Are they actually very absorbent?

I take it you have to put the plastic waterproof thingies over the cloth nappy or your baby wees right through?

Do you put the waterproof thingies through the wash every time the baby has a wet nappy or do they wipe clean or what? How many of those will I need? I currently have 3 and 12 nappies.

I'm finding this whole reuseable nappy thing far too confusing!

mrsmartin1984 Sat 28-Sep-13 16:25:32

- boosters are normally the same fabric as the nappy. If they are fleecey then they are liners.

- yes you need to put a wrap around a nappy to hold it in

- you only have to change the wrap every 4-5 changes unless they are soiled them

I have 17 nappies and 6 wraps. But I only use these kind of nappies at night and do a wash every 5 days. It is up to how you are going to use them

Have you been on the nappy lady website. She has imformative directions on how to use and wash them. She also has youtube clips on how each nappy works. I found it useful when getting my head around

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