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Real nappy confusion

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JellyCurls Tue 24-Sep-13 08:47:54

With DD we bought and happily used Bambino Mio nappies till she was about 18 months, bought the birth to potty pack. Used these with DS but he was a chubber so the Velcro rubbed his tummy raw and they leaked. Gave up about 9 months and kindly packed up nappies to go to a new home.

Due DC3 in a few weeks and I can't decide what nappies to use. I filled out a questionnaire on nappy ladies website and she recommended Bumbles with motherease Velcro wraps. I like the look of these and can get a bundle online that come with other wraps but again Velcro fastening.

Has anyone used bumbles, do all wraps have Velcro, is there a better birth to potty nappy to buy?

So many questions hope someone can help x

peanutMD Tue 24-Sep-13 11:58:11

I've used Bumbles since 9 Weeks and love them.

To start with they are pretty bulky but not overly so as the front poppers inside the nappy to shorten it which is a great feature until 10lbs or so. After this the end pulls out and the nappy can either be used with or without the snap in booster.

My girl is an average wetter so I find the nappy itself sufficient during the day with 3 hourly changes (and its not too bulky) and add in the snap in booster plus a Little Lamb bamboo fleece stuffer or bambino mio prefold in the pocket for night time which is generally 12 hours.

I love that the inner is all fleece so baby stays dry even when nappy is saturated.

We used Motherease Rikki wraps to start which Velcro but I found them restrictive so we now use Motherease Airflow

peanutMD Tue 24-Sep-13 12:09:16

Sorry for blunt ending my phone is playing up.

The airflow wraps are good as they snap at the sides so no restriction around tummy and less bulk overall, we use these during the day and fleece wraps at night.

I have bought a few other BTP nappies for ease of use but to be honest I keep going back to the Bumbles as in the end they may not look as good but they're definitely the only ones I can see fitting through to potty training if she's anything like my
son who was 3.8 before he cracked it.

I've tried Bumgenius all in ones, various pockets and a few others but these are the ones I'd recommend if you're not too fussed on a bit of bulk and prettiness.

If you have Facebook there is a Preloved cloth nappy page where they come up cheap second have because they're not the most convenient

hoppingmad Tue 24-Sep-13 13:09:22

Blueberry coveralls are my favourite wraps by far. Lovely prints, Velcro or poppers and I've never had a leak. We use them with bamboozle stretch and they are the only ones I use now.

I've tried lots, don't like totsbots easyfit - they leak for us but the cheap dudeybaba pockets work ok but don't always contain poo. Dunk'n'fluff are nice and not too bulky but my dtd doesn't like them....

So I stick to what I know - stretch with a blueberry wrap smile

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