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Advice please from tots bots users

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LuckySocks13 Tue 27-Aug-13 10:51:41

Any tots bots users out there? I'm new to cloth nappies and with my next child due November I have bought some 2nd hand tots bots bamboozles (5 x size 1) , 4 x size 1 tots bots stretch new and 20 x size 2 2nd hand bamboozle stretch. If anyone uses these could you tell me if the smaller ones will still be very bulky under clothes? Any other opinions advice you may have. Getting bit worried I haven't made the right decision! Do I also need tiny fits or will size 1 be ok ? Thank you

4yoniD Tue 27-Aug-13 20:11:55

All comes down to your standards and how big a baby you will have.

Size 1 is from birth. Size 2 is from 10lbs which for some people won't take long to reach. So you have nappies which are meant for newborn babies.

Did you know that a bulky nappy is good for hip development? A baby with bad hips can have 1 or even 2 terry nappies wrapped over the nappy to hold the legs in a better position, so please don't think that a bulky nappy is necessarily a bad thing. Your nappies will be a lot smaller than 2 terries!

Will a bamboozle be as small as a disposable? no. Will baby gros still fit? yes. Will the extra bulk bother the baby? no.

BTW, Bamboozles are good nappies. I take it you have wraps/covers to go with them? The size 2 nappy would need a size 1 wrap, but the size 1 nappy will need a size 0 wrap (hope that makes sense!). The biggest downside to bamboozles is they are slow to dry, but that is because they are so absorbent.

JellyMould Tue 27-Aug-13 20:16:55

I use the stretchies and the easy fits for DD. I used the older bamboozles for DS, plus diddy diapers.The two part systems are bulkier than the all in ones and than disposables, but the stretchies especially are pretty slim. It depends a lot on the wrap you go for - the motherease ones are bulkiest but most reliable.

teabagpleb Tue 27-Aug-13 20:38:26

The nappies will fit fine, but you're much less likely to need 'newborn' size clothes, 0-3 will last until slightly less old than they would on your baby otherwise. And yes my babies might have worn the odd disposable to fit in a special outfit one last time...

LuckySocks13 Tue 27-Aug-13 20:42:33

That's really good information. Thank you both. Very interesting about the hips 4yon. Pretty sure I won 2 size 0 wraps the other day on ebay. Think I have a mixture of Motherease and Tots Bots wraps. What do you think of the easy fits Jelly?

minibreadstick Wed 28-Aug-13 13:50:53

I use stretchies at home and easyfit s while out for easier nappy changes. But there's always a compromise- Easyfit s won't last as long before they need changing

LuckySocks13 Thu 29-Aug-13 08:45:45

Do the easy fits contain EBF poo well do you know?

minibreadstick Fri 30-Aug-13 02:57:11

I don't know because we only started using them after weaning. ..

Personally mine don't have as close a fit as ib would like but I think that's because they're boosted now, unboosted would have a closer fit, similar to a sposie (so ok but never as good as a 2part cloth system)

Eskarina Sat 31-Aug-13 16:23:56

I'm using easyfits on my boys. There's no way they would have fitted from birth, though they were only 5.5lb. I used teenyfits but never got on with them, they just leaked all the time. The boys are 10 weeks now and I guess they're around 12lb. Easyfits contain bf poo well and rarely leak unless v full. Still don't think they would have worked on a newborn though as nbs tend to have v skinny legs.
Also use the old style bamboozles (not stretchies) for night nappies. They didn't fit until 10lb. I don't have size 1 stretchies but use size 2 on my 2year old dd. there's no way I'd put it on the dts yet, they would be huge!

LuckySocks13 Sat 31-Aug-13 16:59:14

Thank you for your help smile

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