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2 part nappies - is this right?

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blushingmare Thu 22-Aug-13 14:05:10

Ok so I'm just experimenting at the moment with which reusable nappies are best for us, so excuse me if I do lots of silly question posts in the next few weeks!

With a 2 part system (I'm using Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch with Motherease Rikki wraps), is it normal that the nappy is entirely soaked when you take it off? I mean wet all over, up to the waistband front & back. Thinking about it logically I thought it must be because they're all absorbent material, whereas the one part nappies I've been using so far are only absorbent in the booster bits. But then I wondered if it was ok to be wet all the way over and whether I should have changed it sooner or used a booster?

There weren't any leaks, the wrap contained it all.

Also, I know you're supposed to be able to reuse the wrap. But when I take it off, the inside of it is damp because it's been in contact with the wet nappy. Obviously it dries off as soon as it's removed, but is it hygienic to put it back on when it's had wee on it?

aprilj11 Fri 23-Aug-13 13:35:56

I think if it is wet through and through it means it should be changed a bit earlier.

4yoniD Sun 25-Aug-13 20:57:31

Hello, I'm a little late but hopefully you are still around!

IMO soaking wet is fine. I have fairly heavy wetting children, I'd have to change hourly if I wanted a just-damp nappy. If they are soaking wet and start to leak, then they should have been changed earlier! If you find it wetter at the front (not uncommon) then fold the extra flap of bamboo inside the nappy in half, so there is twice the fabric at the front.

Re: wrap, depends on your standards! I rotate them - leave them damp side up to dry for a few hours, but I have somewhere I can do that easily. If you did put it straight back on, it isn't going to be long before it ends up in the wash anyway.


hettienne Sun 25-Aug-13 21:01:39

I always use a fleece liner so it isn't wet against the baby's skin. I'd say a completely soaked nappy sounds like it should have ben changed earlier, or your baby is a very heavy wetter!

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