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Help finding a wrap for my chunky little cherub?

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Artura Sun 18-Aug-13 21:51:05

Just trying out a few cloth nappies as part of my council's nappy trial but I'm finding that my chunky legged DD gets red marks on her thighs with the wraps included in the pack (bummis and blueberry). I do like the idea of a two part nappy but wondering if there are any wraps that are a bit softer? She's 7 months and around 24lbs at last weigh in. Have a couple of fuzzibunz medium that fit better but quite expensive. Any suggestions from other mums of chubsters?

Xiaoxiong Sat 24-Aug-13 21:28:20

DS was chubby too smile

Wraps that worked best for us were motherease airflows and bummis superbrites.

For some reason DS never got on with bummis whisper wraps or motherease rikkis and they left marks on his thighs.

Kelbells Sun 25-Aug-13 09:12:40

My DS is a chunk too grin.. Motherease airflows and Little lamb wraps work well for us...

Artura Sun 25-Aug-13 14:12:57

Thanks for suggestions, will check those motherease airflows. Have ordered a couple of fuzzibunz as the big green nappy had good sale on but always room for more cloth stash! x

PurplePidjin Sun 25-Aug-13 14:24:45

Love my weenotions for daytime, have you considered fleece or wool for over night?

Xiaoxiong Mon 26-Aug-13 04:04:12

PurpleP - please can you tell me about fleece and wool covers? I love the look of them but after nearly 2 years using PUL wraps and DS still soaking through multiple layers of clothing if i don't get to him in time just can't imagine using something without a waterproof lining.

But loads of people do use them so - do they really stay dry on the outside??

(Sorry for hijack OP!)

PurplePidjin Mon 26-Aug-13 07:41:12

They work by evaporation, so yes. Fleece lets the wet out and traps the nasties therefore needs washing after use. Wool is treated with lanolin which reacts with the ammonia in urine to make a crude form of soap, therefore you only wash once every 6 weeks or so.

The wool has to be 100% wool (or merino, cashmere etc) and the handwash only type - if it's machine washable, it's been treated and the lanolin won't stick. I mix a drop of baby wash with 1" lansinoh in a jar with a bit of boiling water, shake to emulsify, pour over longies in a bowl, top up with hot water, soak for an hour, roll up in a tea towel x2 then line dry. I made 2 pairs from a £4 charity shop jumper, very very easily (as long as you know how to do straight stitch on a sewing machine!)

My 9mo ds hates being wet or dirty, and refuses to sleep in PUL at night!

Xiaoxiong Mon 26-Aug-13 13:48:22

Ok, so we use motherease one-size with two boosters and a PUL wrap and they are completely sodden in the morning. If we put lanolised wool longies or soaker on top - then pyjamas - his pyjamas would be dry in the morning?

That's amazing. Definitely want to pick some up now (straight stitch on a sewing machine not my forte...)

PurplePidjin Mon 26-Aug-13 17:45:04

Paper liner to catch poo

Fleece liner to wick moisture


Fitted nappy

Soaker or longies.

What size baby? I've got fleece wraps we no longer use, pm me smile

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