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Changing poo in reusable nappies - v v silly question

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Msbluesky32 Fri 16-Aug-13 15:43:56

So... With disposables I did out clean nappy...pulled out wipes ready....opened dirty nappy and wiped as much off as I could with nappy...folded nappy in on itself whilst holding babies legs up (so dirty nappy is underneath kind of protecting surface from any poo that might fall)....then clean baby with wipes...then take dirty nappy out and put clean nappy on. How oh how does this work with washables? I'm getting everything ready as I used to with disposables but then I come to the part where I'm cleaning her up and I don't have the surface...can't take dirty nappy away as I get poo on mat then on her...(she's incredibly wriggly now) can't leave dirty nappy under her as they don't fold in the same way as disposables do and it's in the way..but I'm also trying not to get poo on the inside incase it stains.(I'm using paper liners and fabric ones to see which work best here)..but...I find I either end up with poo on her or me (or both). Please share your changing poo nappies technique with me!

Xiaoxiong Sat 17-Aug-13 15:31:51

Ooh I hate hate hate touching poo or having it hanging around, even in a nappy bin - and that's one of the reasons I really like reusable nappies because it all goes straight down the loo.

Like you I almost always use a disposable liner inside the nappy - bambino mio liners were on sale at waitrose a while ago so we're using those at the moment but I do like the little lambs viscose ones too as they're so soft.

Ok so technique:

1) We use washable wipes so I make sure those are within reach, as well as a clean nappy and wrap if you need it

2) Open nappy, fold back washing tabs if necessary, then grab DS's ankles firmly in one hand, lift him up

3) Still holding him up, I fold dirty nappy in half and put in old ice-cream tub at head of mat

4) Still holding him up, I take a wipe and wipe the back so when I put him down again he won't get any poo on the mat, put wipe into ice-cream tub

5) Lower him down onto the mat, then use more wipes to clean DS everywhere else (if any poo did get on mat, I use wipes to wipe the mat and lift DS up again to clean him off again)

6) Put clean nappy and wrap if needed and clothes back on

7) Once DS is off the mat and back on the ground (or when he was little, back into sling/bouncy chair/playpen) I then take ice cream tub into bathroom, shake poo into the loo, fold back laundry tabs if I forgot to do it before, shake wipes and boosters into nappy bucket if using a pocket nappy and wash my hands.

The real key to this is the washable wipes I think - one swipe is usually enough to get it all off first time, so even when he's wriggly it is a very quick job. Whenever I use disposable wipes they just seem to smear the poo around rather than properly cleaning and I end up taking ages, using loads of wipes, and getting poo on my hands too. We use bamboo squares and keep a squeezy bottle filled with water and a squeeze of baby wash next to the basket of dry wipes, and just put the wipes on the mat and squirt some water on them as we need them.

I don't worry about stains any longer once I realised that sunlight does such a good job of bleaching them, and even if there are some faint stains the nappy is still clean. And honestly nobody sees the inside of the nappies. I'm always more worried about forgetting to fold back the velcro tabs as the velcro is far more important to the operation of the nappy than stains on the nappy interior!

When he's wriggly I have to give him something to hold, or in extremis, I pin him down with my forearm! But speed is key and IME washable wipes are key to speed smile

Msbluesky32 Mon 19-Aug-13 17:42:13

Thank you so much taking the time to run through that with me! I will give it another try next time I do a change.

TheContrastOfWhiteOnWhite Fri 23-Aug-13 14:23:37

I use reusable liners. Unless it is a real explosion, I just fold the liner down in half (to the front of the nappy), balance baby/child on the other end.

Other option just to firmly grab ankles in one hand, lift hips up and don't lower down again until bottom is clean, whipping dirty nappy out of the way as you lower! This one relies on reuseable wipes for grip and because you are just lifting them out of a box not faffing with a packet so can do that bit with your one remaining hand.

minibreadstick Fri 23-Aug-13 21:06:27

I do something a bit different it may not be for you but anyway....we part time EC, , Mainly for poos really, but if weve had a miss,I just take nappy off and then whip dd up and onto the kiddie toilet seat and she stays there. Then if poo will come off easy I pick it up with tissue and put in loo, nappy goes in bucket. If poo is a bit stuck then I sort out dd- usually wash her onn the seat but sometimes I wash her in the bath with shower head (once you start to wash a pooey bottom you won't want to go back to wipes!). Nappy goes to to one side and is dealt with after dd has nappy on.

The key to this is having a different place to clean dd and then dealing witthe t nappy.

Kelbells Sat 24-Aug-13 09:25:51

We also do a loose version of EC... DS is 10mo and has a definite 'look' when he's going to poo. I whip him straight on the potty and he goes (much more happily as he hates soiling his nappy) in there, I haven't had to deal with a pooey nappy in weeks! I'm just in the process of teaching him the sign for potty so I don't have to rely on 'the face' as he can now wait a few minutes between needing to go and getting on the potty. I'm not suggesting that he's becoming potty trained so early but if your DC is regular I'd highly recommend giving it a go! grin

Kelbells Sat 24-Aug-13 09:30:07

Oh, and before that, I'd whip nappy from underneath whilst holding his bottom up by his legs, wipe clean with reusable wipes which went into soiled nappy, bum down on mat, new nappy on, set DC to playing and take dirty nappy to bathroom, rinse fleece liner with shower head into toilet, nappy and fleece dry pailed as rinsed clean as possible...

teabagpleb Sat 24-Aug-13 10:13:42

I get ankles in left hand, fold toddler lifting off the nappy, fold nappy in half and put out of the way on the floor if necessary, pull wipes out (disposable wipes, always open packet before putting child on change table, also put baggie open next to them).
Wipe baby, wipes into baggie, new nappy on, put child down, take nappy into bathroom to remove poo and return to bucket, or if out and no loo available, put the lot into a baggie.

I used cloth wipes with ds until he was weaned and poo got too icky. Dd is generally firmer and paper liners mean usually no mess, but she does the odd 10-wiper...

Msbluesky32 Sat 24-Aug-13 12:45:51

Ooooo thank you! I'm tempted to try EC - what would I need for a fourth month old? Is a normal potty ok? (She's not fully sitting up by herself yet)

Thank you for sharing your techniques!

Kelbells Sun 25-Aug-13 09:08:44

I would think so (we didn't start until 8mo when DS could sit unaided), we have a pourty which seems quite comfy (DS is quite happy sitting on it even when he doesn't want to go!) you'll just need to support her until she can sit properly. It's definitely worth it, doesn't really take many more minutes and even if nothing else they'll be familiar with the potty when it comes to training - I'm confident we'll potty train early though!

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