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Talk to me about reuseable nappies please!

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Madratlady Tue 06-Aug-13 13:42:15

I'm a first time mum, just starting to think about getting everything I'll need when baby arrives. I know I want to do reuseable stuff as much as possible - nappies, wipes, breast pads etc.

I've been looking at reviews and like the sound of the Little Lambs nappies. Also, they make sense whereas the Bumgenius ones which also got great reviews confuse me with all the different types.

So questions I have:

What's the difference between a pocket nappy and a normal one?

Is it worth getting the full birth to potty pack or would it work out cheaper to get the size 1 ones then the size 2s when baby gets a bit bigger?

Do nurseries or childminders do reuseable nappies if I send the baby with plenty (will be around 8 months old when I go back to work I think) or do they have to be disposable?

Any other advice? Anything else I need to consider?

forevergreek Sun 11-Aug-13 14:52:45

We use the little lambs. We had 20 of size 1 and 2. All bamboo. Had 5 wraps in each size.
We just sold all of size 1 a few months back and got 3/4 of our money back. So well worth the initial expense.
We also have the bamboo boosters

At newborn age we used 8-10 a day so washed daily. ( actually used disposable first 2 weeks). Then 5-6 a day so moved onto every other day washing.
For 6 months we had a newborn in size 1, and young toddler in size 2, and washed daily again.
Now every 3 days is fine with one 2 year old using.

We have an overdoor drying rack that hangs into our airing cupboard. If we wash in eve and hang there before bed, they are dry 12 hours later as warm in there. Otherwise take 24hrs.

Madratlady Sun 11-Aug-13 00:07:45

Ooh I can see this getting a bit expensive, especially in summer when it might be hot enough for the baby to have just a nappy on the bottom half!

Kelbells Sat 10-Aug-13 23:13:10

Ooh and blueberry wraps - gorgeous, lush prints and really good - I 'think' you can use bg flip covers over ll - a friend uses them over her terries? Some pretty patterns there!

UniqueAndAmazing Sat 10-Aug-13 09:46:45

yes, they do.

we've got wraps made by nature babies, thirsties, totsbots, motherease, dimplebum, and homemade.
all fit over

usually large or medium fit over the size 2 and small and medium fit over size 1

Madratlady Fri 09-Aug-13 22:51:40

Do pretty wraps from other brands fit with plain Little Lambs nappies?

FoofFighter Fri 09-Aug-13 13:08:19

I have some old cotton bottom wraps in funky patterns, which I believe to be made by Bummis nowadays, and BUmmis are anything but plain!

UniqueAndAmazing Fri 09-Aug-13 12:08:31

smaths - i love the shape of their wraps, but I wish they came patterned. (I did facebook them askign to, and they said "we're thinking about it" then they produced more plain colours. hmm

smaths Thu 08-Aug-13 15:08:31

little lambs are a great nappy, so reliable - though a bit more chunky than some other brands. I would strongly recommend buying size 1's second hand - they'll only be used a few months and you can sell them on again for pretty much what you paid for them. I'm not such a fan of their wraps, though, they are a bit cumbersome but very reliable.

There are so many "nearly new" ones on ebay, etc. because people want to try washables but give up for whatever reason. I used a mixture of cotton (daytime) and bamboo (night time) - i didn't like the feel of microfibre and it doesn't have enough absorbency for my DD. I also use bumgenius pocket nappies but again the microfibre inserts are not absorbent enough and i had to replace them with cotton, bamboo and hemp inserts instead. The nursery my dd goes to had never had anyone with washable nappies go to it but they have had no problems with it. I just put a day's supply of nappies in her bag, with a zipped wet bag for the used ones and they send it all back at the end of the day.

FoofFighter Thu 08-Aug-13 14:44:50

You can get away with just soaking overnight in bath/bucket etc then a wash, saves time and water and energy.

UniqueAndAmazing Thu 08-Aug-13 12:11:35

yy to nance - I usually wash them twice before first wear (because it seems like such a waste!), but just change them more frequently until the absorbency improves. (we call them "quick nappies" when they're new - just leave them on for one wee)

UniqueAndAmazing Thu 08-Aug-13 12:10:29

ooh, we had some disposables left over from when DD was born (gifts), and when I went on my own to visit my folks, I thought "I might as well take those, saves me having dirty nappies around in my bag for 3 days", so I tried one before we went, just to see if I would get on with them.
she had it on for about 2 hours, so maybe one or two wees? and it fucking stank
It was worse than going down into the sewerage. [boak]

so, we took the proper nappies. My mum was okay with us putting the dirties in a tub in her bath, and she even washed them for us the day before we went home grin

nancerama Wed 07-Aug-13 17:29:29

I have 7 wraps and about 25 inners. I do about 2 loads a week. With a newborn I was washing every other day - getting through 10-12 nappies a day.

If you buy new, they need "breaking in". You'll need to wash them 5 or 6 times before they become absorbent. Don't use fabric softener (it stops them soaking up wee). If you line dry, the sun will bleach out any stains.

aliceinapalace Wed 07-Aug-13 17:09:31

Im a childminder and 2 of my mindees and my own baby use reusables. I also offer a washing service. Lots of childminders and nurseries will like reusables as it reduces waste they have to pay to get taken away! I know of one nursery nearby who insist on reusables!

NaturalBaby Wed 07-Aug-13 17:00:23

I started with 10 bumgenius and a pack of prefolds with nappy wraps. We ended up using disposables at night though.

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 07-Aug-13 14:21:38

for example, just putting a quick search for "nappies" into facebook, i got: (we got a lot of DD's wraps from this lady)

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 07-Aug-13 14:11:15

probably 20-25 in a size 1.
In theory you don't need as many wraps as nappies, but when DD was very little, she would explode into the wrap every single time.
We use one wrap a day now she's older.

but shop around for wraps, because there are some fab small businesses that do gorgeous wraps, so you could have something unique

more nappies means more freedom to take your time with the washing

but if you buy loads to start with, you'll kick yourself when you find a WAHM making wraps on your facebook feed and you can't justify buying even more fluff grin

Madratlady Wed 07-Aug-13 13:34:12

So how many nappies do you think I'd need? 10? 20?

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 07-Aug-13 13:05:52

we've got 15 little lambs, and 5 of another variety (all-in-one ebay cheapies)
we've also got a few wraps we've bought along the way, and another 2all-in-ones.

we only use the all-in-ones when the Little lambs are in the wash.

but we have also got a few spare boosters for stuffing in at nighttime grin
I suppose we wash every 3 days, having enough nappies for 4 days.

emilyeggs Tue 06-Aug-13 18:35:43

P.s, my night ones are bamboo. I only need 2, one on one in the wash...I have a third as I will need this in winter. smile

emilyeggs Tue 06-Aug-13 18:33:02

I use little lamb or bamboozle at night with a blueberry wrap. It has never failed me. I use tots bots easy fit during the day. You can go on a pre loves sight on FB to try different one but I warn's addictive and I have know people who have said they loose sight of the reason they started using save money. X

NaturalBaby Tue 06-Aug-13 16:56:44

grin enjoy! My last baby is going through potty training but still gets his favourite fluffy star nappy out for nap time!

Madratlady Tue 06-Aug-13 16:49:55

Natural You're right, I did another google search and found 2 nappy advisors in this area. I guess I didn't look hard enough before!

FoofFighter Tue 06-Aug-13 16:38:43

I've got a mix of loads of different ones, terry squares, prefolds, wraps, one size pockets and all in ones, size 1 2 parters in bamboo and cotton and microfibres, all with different drying times so I should never be stuck fingers crossed!!

Once the baby is into size 2s i should hope to have worked out which work best for it and will then get those to last till potty training. Plus of course I can still use the terries and prefolds for stuffing/boosting ;)

If you are on FB look up Cloth Bum Mums fluffly advice, very very knowledgable cloth users there.

UniqueAndAmazing Tue 06-Aug-13 16:30:01

what's your area?
I'm in Kent..

NaturalBaby Tue 06-Aug-13 16:28:26

There must be somebody nearby ish? I think a few online shops to trials like here. I really recommend the one size nappies as we really got value for money out of ours. They were a bit fiddly and bulky on a newborn so I got a couple of newborn nappies to get through the first few weeks. I still use the prefolds that I used for newborn nappy wraps and the nappy wrap is on the teddy bear!

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