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Reusable a for a tall toddler

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MoreSnowPlease Thu 25-Jul-13 15:19:20

We currently have miosolo and I am not happy with them because the Velcro rubs on his legs and leaves scratches.

If you have a tall toddler, what nappies do you use?

DS is on 99.6th centile for height and 91st for weight. I have got bumbles too for night time but haven't tried yet, they look like they won't last long height wise. He is 13mo.


AlohaMama Fri 26-Jul-13 02:29:38

After seeking advice here, I bought Real Easy nappies for my ds when he was 2. He is also >99%ile. I got large for him so you might want next size down, but I love them. Before that he was in Fuzzibunz, but tbh he hat outgrown them long before I gave up using them - I was kind of hoping he might be potty trained without me having to buy bigger nappies, but arrival of dd put paid to that. I got them from here but they had a half-price offer at the time. Other sites may sell them too, not sure. The only downside to them, is that the insert takes a little bit longer to dry than the Fuzzibunz did but I can live with that. The other ones I tried, as they also went up to a larger size was Kushies Ultra. Don't get those, they're terrible. Awful fit, the insert lies free on top and gets all scrunched up so poo goes everywhere, scratchy velcro. Got to where my ds would ask me not to put them on him.

rrreow Fri 26-Jul-13 17:10:29

My 75th centile 26mo DS is in Mio Solos for nursery. The velcro doesn't seem to touch his legs so haven't had problems with it rubbing. Or do you mean the elastic on the legs? Some redness is normal I think, like when you have marks on your feet when you take off your socks.

Other than that we use totsbots bamboozles which still fit fine. And Alva nappies (ebay cheapies) also tend to be quite long, although they need boosting to last more than an hour!

If btp ones are really getting too short you might be better off looking for sized options like the Real Easies mentioned by Aloha. We have some in size Large and they really are a lot bigger than the Mio Solos. I only got a couple though as I didn't want to shell out for sized nappies when we're (hopefully??!!) close to potty training. Little Lamb also do a size 3.

Also agree with the comment about Kushies. They're horrible, bulky and did I mention horrible?

MoreSnowPlease Sat 27-Jul-13 10:19:38

Must try real easys then, hadn't heard of them as had gone through the nappy lady and she doesn't have them for some reason.

Tried the bumble on last night with a super booster as he still feeds all night and wees a lot! However, just took it straight off, it was a nightmare to get done up, went on the tightest setting on his waist but with the extra padding was just being pulled down to the top of his bum.

I think his chunky legs lift the Velcro flaps up on the miosolo and scratch him when he moves around. They don't sit properly in the crease of his legs but lower down because he's so tall!

Thanks for the help!

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