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Couche wrap - Help

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Bagpuss30 Mon 05-Jun-06 13:50:15

Right have ordered one this morning .

What do I actually do with it when it arrives then?

I presume I need some sort of lanolin, which is best? I have been browsing but am confused!

vkone Mon 05-Jun-06 20:54:40

I just bought Euculan for washing as you don't have to rinse it out (I AM that lazy) and then solid lanolin from Baldwins , which comes in a little pot.

I use a healthy squirt of Euculan for cleaning and then a teaspoon of lanolin mixed with a couple of drops for Euculan in hot water (to melt) and add that to luke warm water for lanolising.

THe important thing to remember with wool is that if you put it in anything too hot, you can shock it and it will shrink so try to keep it tepid.

Bagpuss30 Tue 06-Jun-06 11:24:47

Thanks . I have since found loads of different instructions for washing/lanolising so I think I know what I am going to do when it arrives. Will check out the solid lanolin though as that sounds easier than I thought.

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