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Bamboozles by Tots Bots - anyone use them?

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pupuce Sat 03-Jun-06 22:21:16

Just wondering what people's experience of them is... or any of the other Tots Bots nappies... thanks

Yorkiegirl Sat 03-Jun-06 22:25:57

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 03-Jun-06 22:27:09

Gosh you tried them all????
Have you tried the Motherease ones ?

Yorkiegirl Sat 03-Jun-06 22:30:05

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 03-Jun-06 22:32:06

Stuffienappy ???? Where do you get those from ? Never heard of them !

Yorkiegirl Sat 03-Jun-06 22:38:00

Message withdrawn

CorrieDale Sun 04-Jun-06 07:26:14

I couldn't recommend ME nappies. I've tried Sandy's (OK but not nearly as good as Tots), one-size (imposs to get a good fit on a skinny baby), multifit (ditto Sandy's). Tots are brilliant - haven't tried fluffles because I don't like the feel of microfibre. If you're going to buy in bulk then I'd say definitely go for the bamboozles. They're bloody marvellous and the resale value is very high! Can't comment on stuffies because it hasn't arrived yet - gets ever such good reviews though! If you want to see reviews of yet more nappies, try this site: run by a MNer

liath Sun 04-Jun-06 07:40:36

Bamboozles - very absorbant, slower to dry than fluffles or MEOS. Get the aplix ones as I've found after a few washes the nippa doesn't grip into the matieriel well.

Fluffles are just as absorbant & dry faster but not a slim or silky.

Standard tots are fine too but again take a while to dry.


pupuce Sun 04-Jun-06 09:23:17

liath - thats' interesting because I heard that the velcro were better than the nappy nippas... I have the original Tots Bots with velcro (bought 5 years ago) and velcro was never a problem!

pupuce Sun 04-Jun-06 09:23:49

Sorry you ARE saying velcro is better !

Cherylynne Sun 04-Jun-06 09:50:18

i've got bamboozles nappi nippa, which i like as they are very slim and really absorbant. I never went for velcro as the rainbow ones that i have with velcro the velcro stopped working well after a while. i like the rainbow bots for daytime as they are slim too.

pupuce Sun 04-Jun-06 18:21:11

Quick question... it says on Tots Bots website that Bamboozle size 2 start at 20lbs... the original Tots Bots size 2 start at 18lbs... I was able to use size 2 original tots bots on a 6 weeks old... was that the case for those of you who bought Bamboozles ?


pupuce Sun 04-Jun-06 18:21:21

Quick question... it says on Tots Bots website that Bamboozle size 2 start at 20lbs... the original Tots Bots size 2 start at 18lbs... I was able to use size 2 original tots bots on a 6 weeks old... was that the case for those of you who bought Bamboozles ?

BonyM Sun 04-Jun-06 21:27:26

Sorry, can't answer the size question, but just wanted to add that Bamboozles are my favourite nappy although they are the slowest to dry. Most absorbent though and I use them at night as well - never had a leak. Aplix are better imo - the ones I've got have stayed softer and are more absorbent than my nippa ones.

anchovies Sun 04-Jun-06 22:45:51

Hi, yes you can use a nippa size 2 bamboozle on a newborn, you just fold the front down. I chose not to though because everyone preferred the aplix bamboozle. I bought both sizes and it was well worth it as the re-sale value was really high.

FlameBoo Sun 04-Jun-06 22:55:03

Love love love my bamboozles. (Have tried all tots ).

I use the size 1 nippa (never had any gripping problems at all), and they are so slim that I would think that folded down size 2s would be fine, but - the size 1s are really stretchy. DS is a fairly solid baby, between 14/15lbs now and the tabs are still overlapping, so I see a good life expectancy before I need to change to size 2s.

LeahE Sun 04-Jun-06 23:05:42

I liked them but didn't like how long they took to dry (could probably be measured in geological time...).

expatinscotland Sun 04-Jun-06 23:15:16

dd2s got a bamboozle on right now. i booster them up at night w/a microfibre cloth and top w/a motherease wrap - she's in the rikki just now.

i love 'em for night!

pupuce Mon 05-Jun-06 19:27:27

Thanks guys that is most helpful!

Raggydoll Mon 12-Jun-06 14:53:06

I am a cloth nappy newbie and my favourite so far is the bamboozle. it looks great on and performs just as well as my other nappies. i'm def going to get some more of these.

rumple Tue 17-Jul-07 23:13:03

leahE I know it's a year later but your geological time comment made me laugh. I live in a flat and so today I took my bamboozles over to sisters to put out on line. Long afternoon in sun & wind and some still slightly damp. However the sunshine has done wonders for some poo stains, they 've completely disappeared.
Apart from drying time very happy with bamboozle's performance.
Am going to try fluffle when I buy next size up, was worried about non natural fibre next to skin but have been putting fleece liners in to nappy with no problem, so...

hippopowell Wed 18-Jul-07 07:22:45

I LOVE my Bamboozles. They fit my dd bottom perfectly & are soo absorbant. They take a while to dry but is worth it as they are so slim & soft & georgeous.I use them boosted at night & during the day. Never had a problem. Used size 1 fluffles when she was little. Also a fantastic nappy. Sooo soft & absorbant. I thought it was brilliant as a newborn nappy as the bf liquid poo just kind of soaked in , but no bad stains. I didn't think they were too bulky. Never stopped her crawling about the place anyway.

FlameDelacour Wed 18-Jul-07 08:42:01

Wonder why I was FlameBoo....

claireybee Wed 18-Jul-07 10:19:37

I also really like my bamboozles and the drying time isnt really an issue for me-mainly cos i have so many nappies but also cos pretty much all of my nappies are bamboo now so they all take ages to dry-i dont have any fast drying ones to compare them to! I find a day on the line (provided is dry!) and overnight in the airing cupboard is plenty of drying time, even though i stack them up in airing cupboard.
I bought mine when dd was 15lbs and went straight for the size 2's so they were really bulky on her for ages but fit her nicely now. They still arent the slimmest of the bamboo nappies but have a good cute factor! The older ones i have seem to have shrunk quite a lot but the newer ones havent and have also stayed softer so i think they have changed the fabric slightly.

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