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Fuzzi Bunz sizing question

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Bagpuss30 Thu 01-Jun-06 08:13:55

I have 4 Fuzzi Bunz as part of my nappy collection and they are getting worse at leaking just recently. I have stripped all my nappies so I'm sure it can't be that and the only other reason for the leaks I thought might be the sizing.

The Fuzzis are a medium - ds2 is nearly 11 months and approaching 22 lbs, so I hoped he may be in them for a little while yet, but the poppers just seem to either be too tight or gape depending on the setting I use. Also the fabric behind the fastening seems to pull out as he moves.

Does anyone think a bigger size might be better, allowing me to do them up to the maximum tightness IYSWIM?

vkone Thu 01-Jun-06 13:40:34

I have large, and now wish I'd tried petit toddler as they never seems to work for more than an hour or two. Maybe you should try a velcro one like Happy Heinys or BumGenius. At least that way you'd get a better fit and they all take the same inserts so you wouldn't lose out there.

FlameBoo Thu 01-Jun-06 13:59:25

I find that I have problems with poppered ones too - either too much or too little. Velcro could well be the answer.

Bumgenius is meant to be birth to potty (not sure about HH)

Bagpuss30 Thu 01-Jun-06 14:24:14

Thanks vkone, I wasn't sure about the inserts and I have been looking at bumgenius, so that wouldn't be too bad I suppose as I could reuse that bit.

Flame, I have read the bumgenius thread - how are you getting on with them?

Also, one other problem I now have - ds2 seems to have a rash which develops only when using the Fuzzis. He had one on this morning (which amazingly didn't leak) and now has a sort of raised red rash on his thigh, like where the elastic has been. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing it or do you think the microfibre nappies just aren't for him?

FlameBoo Thu 01-Jun-06 14:28:04

Not well, but I'm convinced that they just hate me... everyone else seems to be doing so well with them I seem to get sogginess round legs or waist.

Maybe they just need changing more often than I'm used to!?

vkone Thu 01-Jun-06 18:36:04

I certainly wouldn't use consequetive fleece lined nappies as DS seems to flare up sometimes with fleece, esp. if it's fleece then microfibre (I use a mix of that with hemp), I don't think they are as breathable as natural fibres really

BonyM Tue 06-Jun-06 21:41:00

I've never liked Fuzzis - find they almost always leak.

The Bumgenius are good for reliability but not an attractive nappy.

Have to say that I love my Happy Heinys even though they do need changing quite frequently to avoid leaks. The prints are just so gorgeous though....

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