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Night time - persevere or give up?

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WibblyMummy Mon 29-May-06 10:44:35

DS (2 3/4) has been in pants during the day since easter. When we started with it, his nappy was often dry in the mornings so we took the nappy off a night. At first, he was dry in the morning about half the time, and when he did wet it was obviously just as he got up in the morning. That gradually improved and when we had 3 weeks of dry nights, we thought we'd cracked it. But it's now gone back to wet about 1 night in 2. Sometimes it's just an accident first thing, other times his PJs are damp so it was obviously during the night but it's not woken him (or he's woken and not been bothered!).

I really like not having to wrestle him onto a changing mat to get a nappy on, and pull-ups have been disastrous on him at night for ages. But are the signs telling me that he's not yet ready to lose the nappy at nighttime?

Thoughts/advice welcome, thanks!

WibblyMummy Mon 29-May-06 20:29:05

Bump in case anybody this evening has ideas. ta!

Feistybird Mon 29-May-06 20:38:14

DD1, dry at 2.4 both day and night - as soon as she was dry in the day, we took off nappies at night and not one accident.....

DD2, dry in the day at 2.6 and a year later still in pull ups at night. Like you at first we had 1 accident in 2 weeks and thought we'd cracked it. But since then we've had a couple of attempts, neither lasting too long.

No advice, but you're in good company!

teabelly Fri 02-Jun-06 22:30:44


you're definitely in good company - ds is going to be 4 this month, and although he's been dry in the day since 2.5, he sleeps so deeply that on the many many occassions (most at his desperate requests) we've tried the no night time nappy he's just slept right through any accidents, some like you say are probably hours old and not woken him! Don't really want a 4 year old in night time nappies but unless we lift him to the toilet when we go to bed and then at least once during the night plus when we wake at 6 (1 year old in the house too! ) we will most likely get an accident, so not sure what else to do but wait a while longer and hope he manages to go longer in time.

But with regards to your ds I'd say give him a couple of weeks/months and try again - you might catch the right time the next time

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