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Is my dd ready for potty training

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BIZZIELIZZIE Wed 24-May-06 11:33:43

Hi my daughter often runs around naked on a morning shes 21 month i always leave a potty out, but have gone with the know pressure attitude. I was gobsmacked half an hour ago she ran up to me and said dirty then pointed to her potty and she had done a poo. I gave her major cuddles and praize we were both excited she hasnt done a wee yet. Should i now go full steam ahead and start training not putting nappies on at all or put her in to pullups.

Surfermum Wed 24-May-06 11:42:45

DD did this. We would just sit her on the potty when we were getting her ready for bed as that was when she normally did a poo, and one night she did one! Then the next night, then the next and on the 4th night she just went and did it without prompting. She was about 23m at the time. I started potty training and within a couple of days she was completely dry in the day, naps as well, for 5 weeks. We went camping and she was still dry for the whole trip until the last morning when she was in her 4th set of trousers by 10 am. I think she had got really tired though and she also had a cold. We soon got back on track though.

Give it a go! If it's a complete disaster you can always stop and try again in a couple of months. I went straight to knickers. The only time dd wore pull ups was if we did a long car journey (more than a couple of hours) and when she was a bridesmaid.

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