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At the end of my tether - surely regression only lasts so long?

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Bouj Wed 24-May-06 01:23:17

Ds1 is 3 and was dry during the day with only the occasional accident for more than six months. Then he regressed when I fell pregnant, which I thought would be a phase, and would get better. Ds2 is two weeks old now (still early days, I know) but during the last 10 months ds1 has shown no signs of improving. We've tried chocolate treats, sticker charts, making him change himself, etc... I guess its the lack of sleep at present that is making me less patient, but he doesn't even try to get the loo any more. What's more, now it is winter here, he can't get around with no pants on (as he would love to do) and the constant changing, cleaning up wee is doing my head in. Anyone got any advice? Everything I read seems to suggest regression is a short term thing, and to never get mad - coming up to a year, it is hard not to get mad!

Bouj Wed 24-May-06 08:12:40

Arrgh, I always start threads when you lot are asleep. Here we go, at a more reasonable hour...

peaches27 Wed 24-May-06 16:58:47

We've had it 6 months. Baby is 6m, DGS is 3 and a half. He has good days and bad days. It is hard to stay patient because DH says the baby is only an excuse for so long, but DGS has had other things to contend with (his mums departure) so I expect thats prolonged it. This week he has adopted a dummy. He never had one as a baby. We tried ignoring it but it does get on your nerves! Im sorry but I cant do anything but sympathise and say youre not the only one going through it. 3 year olds seem to be worse than 2s and 4s as far as I can see ... but I might be wrong!

lua Wed 24-May-06 20:59:06

We had it for a short period of time, and it did p**S me off! So well done you for being patient that long!
With my DD I actually put her back into diapers. My gut instinct is that the whole thing was to call attention, and with the diapers was all sorted out. So, I guess he didn't like that! She also didn't like to be treated like a baby... so she horted herself out. Or perhaps we were just lucky!
It might be worth though to go back to nappies. Cloth one perhaps? He ought to dislike at this point in time to feel the wet cloth, no?

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