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Do boys need to point IT down?!

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pegasus Tue 23-May-06 22:14:52

I have no experience of potty-training boys but will be needing to train ds1 in the summer. Do I need to teach him to point his willie down with his hand or does it do that on its own?!

gigglinggoblin Tue 23-May-06 22:15:44

think 'hose pipe'

sarahlou1uk Wed 24-May-06 10:33:58

Yes. I have just trained my ds and he will not stand to wee, he insists on sitting on the seat. Even those seats that have a little rise at the front aren't high enough sometimes, so he puts a finger on his wee-wee and points it down the toilet. You could encourage him to stand and wee - my ds will quite happily stand and hold in the shower but not at the toilet. The other option is not to use a potty seat but to hold him over the adult toilet so that his legs are wide apart and gravity will do the rest. Just make sure that you are out of harms way!!!!!

SoupDragon Wed 24-May-06 12:44:09

Absolutely. Need to ensure it's tucked down on all occasions!! Even that's no guarantee.

foxinsocks Wed 24-May-06 12:48:00

if he's sitting down, he definitely needs to point it down (sometimes can be easier with those potties with a higher bit in the middle at the front)

if he's standing at the loo with the seat up, he can probably get away with just making sure it's pointing in the right direction as long as he's standing right by the loo

once he's a bit older (and a bit more willy proficient) he might start holding it to wee

annoying thing is that when they pull their pants down, their willies have often been screwed up so if they forget to straighten it out, wee can shoot in any direction!

MeAndMyBoy Wed 24-May-06 12:49:50

Yes!!!!! and tucked inside the potty or toilet

Just have plenty of disinfectant wipes to hand

Bozza Wed 24-May-06 12:49:55

Especially if it has been a hot day and they are a bit sweaty.

MeAndMyBoy Wed 24-May-06 12:50:29

foxinsocks pmsl so so true

foxinsocks Wed 24-May-06 12:54:21

all these things I never knew till I had a boy!

peaches27 Wed 24-May-06 16:53:07

Make sure it isnt pointed at the gap between the toilet and the seat, cos then they wet their trousers. (This usually happens at nursery when they are exposed to real toilets without a baby seat).

Rach69 Wed 24-May-06 19:20:04

Yes you do and you need to nag em! My boys are 12 and 10 and love the 'hands free' approach - lovely for puddles of wee behind the loo - NEVER have carpet in a loo if you have boys (of any age! )

Nemo1977 Wed 24-May-06 19:23:35

tuck it down if sitting or to watch where he aims it when standing. Ds is 2.7yrs and is a lazy weer he basicaly plonks his tackle over the toilet rim and goes hands He trained at 2.3yrs and refused to sit down at all to pee so be prepared to have a huge mat under potty while he is learning.

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