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Pop in nappy leaving red marks

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daisydee43 Wed 15-May-13 20:49:24

Hi dd is 13 months and I have just started to use the bamboo pop in reusable nappy. Seemed a bit tight but not uncomfortable but after a day of wear it left 2 red marks on her back where it had been sitting. Also tried the night booster but it seemed to make the nappy so ridiculously big that I put her in a disposable - any tips?


MatriarchalDreams Sat 18-May-13 21:43:21

No tips I'm afraid but just to say that I've recently bought one pop-in and have also found it's left red marks on my DD, I've only ever used tots bots prior to getting this one and have only really had any sort of marks when she's been in the sling for long periods of time so the nappy's being pressed into her. I have read though that red marks aren't necessarily a problem, so long as they're not actually hurting your baby, and they fade when the nappy's removed. However, if you're using pop-ins all the time I can see you wouldn't want your child to constantly have red marks. With the big night nappy, does it actually do up Ok and are all the inner bits contained? If so, I don't think it matter that it's big, my DD wears bamboozles with an extra booster at night and her night bottom is huge but it doesn't bother her, at night they're not moving around so I don't think having a big bottom is really a problem. There aren't many AIO nappies which will happily do a night-time - if the pop-in will do it with the night booster I imagine it might well still be slimmer than a two-parter which is what most people seem to use at night.

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