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Almost 4 yr old in night time nappies

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naswm Sat 20-May-06 23:31:42

He desperately wants to stop whearing his night time nappy - but it is saturating in the morning. I dont know how to hep him. He doesn't drink lots in teh evening, but simply cannot go 11 hous without a wee. Anyone?

NB He is a bright kid and understands why he still has to wear it at the moment but also knows that his friends dont

lucykate Sat 20-May-06 23:39:24

we got dd out of night time nappies at about 3.75yrs. i bought some of those pull ups that they can still feel the wet in with dora the explorer on. we made a game out of seeing if she could keep her 'dora pants' dry overnight. after she had been dry for 2 weeks, we ditched them completley.

i know not everyone agrees with this but we still lift her and take her to the loo when we go to bed, works for us, hth.

naswm Sat 20-May-06 23:41:51

I have steeered clear of lifting lucytkate. I know some do and my mother said it was all the range when i was a kid - but I dont want to get in to it tbh. Re the pullups, we've had those. nothing helkps. He jsut wees and cos he is sound aslkeep he doesnt' realised til he wakes

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sun 21-May-06 00:28:00

DS was for last week and wears a night nappy. Its not a problem imo

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sun 21-May-06 00:29:47

But in your case, if he is finding it upsetting then thats different, it might be that he simply isnt ready... and you cant push a child thats not ready without upsetting them alot. Maybe reassure him that everyone is different, what is he esspecially good at? Praise him alot and make him confident enought not to get hung up on this one little thing.

EmmyLou Sun 21-May-06 00:55:33

My dd2 didn't get out of night time nappies 'till she was 6 and a half. She's v.bright, understood it all but had a saturated nappy every morning and on the occasions when we tried her without one would wet the bed and not wake up - poor thing. She became increasingly self concious about it so I went to GP who referred her to the school nurse.

School nurse was really nice, did a home visit one tea time so that dd was not self concsious going to see her at school and was not in a uniform etc and she talked to her (and me) at great length about why this happens and how people are all different etc and gave her sticker charts to plot progress. She was encouraged to not drink too much before bedtime, go to the loo before bed, help change the sheets in the night if she did wake up wet etc. Since then she wet the bed twice in the first MONTH and i can count on the fingers of one hand the ammount of accidents she's had since.

Whether it was just someone else talking to her about it and explaining it in a way she could relate to or/and sticker rewards (nurse visited us the following month too to record progress and encourage dd2) - who knows. Maybe she was just ready at that time. I'd mentioned it to GP before, but they tend not to see it as a problem till child is 7. At age 5 I think, the nurse told us that about a quarter of children would regularly wet the bed.

Age 4 seems pretty young to worry about it too much. I know of quite a few children who were late getting dry at night - you don't realise how many there are until you begin to talk to other parents about it.

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