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gNappies 25% off at Ocado

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BiscuitCrumbsInBed Mon 06-May-13 22:15:31

25% off red or orange gPants with the pouch thingy. Haven't tried them yet myself but can't resist an offer...!

MultipleMama Wed 08-May-13 13:11:34

My LOs are in these - all they wear. Thanks!

MultipleMama Wed 08-May-13 13:14:35

Just bought 6 more pairs and loads of refills. #happy

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Wed 08-May-13 13:22:07

Oh good! Do you just use the disposable inserts or do you use gCloths? What are the gCloths like (if you use them)?

MultipleMama Wed 08-May-13 13:53:35

I use the disposable ones while out and about because they're easy to dispose of but use the gcloths at home.

There's mixed reviews about them but personally I love them. I've never had any problems with them, never had leaks, the material is nice and soft (better than micro in my opinion) - still are after gazillion washes, they fit nicely into the gnappy (but make sure you use the correct size cloths for nappy so small nappy = small cloth) and they don't bunch up (only occasionally between the legs). They're not bulky either which I found a problem with most prefolds when I tried them in the nappy. I also use G-scraps underneath the gcloth in the front of the gnappy for extra absorbtion - at night as my boys seem to wee a lot more during the night.

Hope this answers a few questions for you.

BiscuitCrumbsInBed Wed 08-May-13 21:32:00

That's very helpful thank you smile

Eskarina Thu 09-May-13 07:52:15

They are also on today. You will need to sign up before being able to see them, but they have a box of 6 wraps and some disposable inserts for £50 or individual pants from £11.99. I believe the code mumsnet20 gets you 20% off too. (but check the MN discount page to make sure)

Eskarina Thu 09-May-13 07:53:21

Ps in case you don't know , you need to be fast. Products are only available for 3 days or so and something like this will probably sell out fast!

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