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Cloth nappy fail!

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MoreSnowPlease Sun 05-May-13 20:56:11

Really wanted to use them but how the hell anyone manages it is beyond me. You must have calm babies who do perfectly formed poos and don't wee

Tried a little lamb on DS (10 months), he's sick at the mo and so won't eat, just breastfed so typical breastfed poos. I didn't expect him to poo but sods law he did. The wee had soaked through the front of the nappy (with built in booster doubled up and fleece liner.) after about 30 minutes of wear. The liner had scrunched itself up (active baby) and the poo had leaked out he sides of the liner all over the nappy.

Not to.mention the kerfaffle trying to get the bloody thing on him without all the extra bits falling out or getting displaced while he rolled all over the place....

Seriously, how does anyone manage it?! I just threw the thing away!

stargirl1701 Mon 06-May-13 22:04:42

Hello. Yes, I use cloth full time.

I started by hiring the council's trial pack (try a nappy network/nappy library) so I could figure out which system I liked. I started by using one cloth nappy a day and disposables for all the other changes. After a week I knew what I liked and used that type 2/3 changes a day. By the time the trial pack went back, I was sure about what suited our lifestyle.

I then bought a few different brands if that nappy type and found the best fit for DD. The ones I really liked were not the best fit!

After 4 months of using cloth all day, I felt confident enough to try cloth at night.

The system I prefer is pocket nappies during the day. I think I found these the easiest as they seemed very similar to disposables. The best fit for DD was BumGenius Version 4. We are using the 2 part Little Lambs at night with Motherease and Blueberry wraps.

Are you using Size 2 Little Lambs? The Size 1 are generally for babies under 9 months. Which wrap are you using? Are you boosting between the wrap and the nappy?

I found it all very confusing and quite overwhelming to begin with but I am addicted now grin

Cravingdairy Mon 06-May-13 22:18:21

We have been using Tots Bots all in ones since birth. I don't find them any harder to get on if you have them assembled before you take the other one off. We have them reasonably tight but they have lots of give so they don't dig in. Ours have aplix fastenings so are more adjustable than the ones with poppers. We've had some leaks but nothing too unmanageable. Poos don't tend to stay on the liner though!

rrreow Tue 07-May-13 14:32:15

Breastfed poos don't get caught in the liner, so don't even try! You can just pop them in the machine as they are and the poo will wash out (just do a rinse first).

Once your DS is back on food you'll have to use liners again. Fleece liners tend to stay put better (flush just the poo, liner goes in the wash). If you use paper liners (we do), make sure they are big enough and then if you're using a two-part nappy you can let them stick out a little bit at the back, so they get 'caught' by the elastic which stops them moving/scrunching up. Just make sure everything is inside the outer wrap.

I agree paper liners are annoying because of their tendency to move even when you're putting the nappy on. My technique is I put the shaped nappy under DS's bottom, then when it's in the right position I lift up his bottom and put the liner on the nappy (rather than trying to do nappy & liner at the same time, because then if he wriggles the liner will shift when I position the nappy under him).

With a two part nappy you would expect the wee to soak through to the front, as the whole nappy is just made of absorbent fabric. It's the waterproof wrap that keeps it all in.

VinegarDrinker Tue 07-May-13 14:46:29

Did you use a wrap? They aren't designed to be used on their own.

And yes, BF poos soak through everything, it shouldn't leak round the wrap though.

mumtosp Fri 24-May-13 17:03:41

Hi... We use cloth full time. My 7 mo DS loves to wriggle a lot during nappy changes and also pees a lot. His poos are just starting to get perfectly formed so the liners are finally doing what they are supposed to do.
As everyone else said, liners are not very useful with breastfed poo.

You just need to try a few different nappies to find one that is perfect for your DS.
I used the Nappy Lady service - just go on her website and fill up a form answering a few questions about your lifestyle and she'll suggest a nppy that would suit you. Then you can buy a few trial ones or get a hire kit for what she suggests. I just took a risk and bought 20 of what she suggested... but luckily it worked for us.
Wee never leaks out and on a very few occassions some poo has leaked out into the wrap - but then DS is known to do explosive poos smile


FoofFighter Mon 27-May-13 14:45:18

Also was the nappy brand new and had you washed it a few times to build up absorbency? although i agree OP sounds as if was no wrap maybe?!

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