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Tots/pastel bots v Fluffles for newborn

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cornflakegirl Thu 18-May-06 19:40:48

I've got a stack of tots and pastel bots size 1 that I used with my son and loved. When he needed size 2, fluffles had just come out, and I bought them and love them - especially the fact that they dry so fast.

I can't decide whether to sell my pastels so I can buy fluffles when/if we have another child, or to hang on to them, because I know they work.

I was thinking of selling sooner rather than later - in case no-one wants to buy them once the secondhand market is flooded with fluffles/bamboozles.

The one other consideration is that currently dh claims there is no way we're having any more kids!

Anyone got any thoughts?

Rach69 Fri 19-May-06 11:24:42

Hmmm tricky one, I think the market for basic tots will drop but then so will the market for fluffles and bamboozles so they will be cheaper too. I would either sell the tots now and buy fluffles second hand maybe next time or why not just use size 2 fluffles? If you take out the booster and fold the front into the fleece pocket they become surprisingly compact and sooo cute! I used the size 2 on my son from about 2 months. That way you could use the tots you already have for the first few weeks.

The drawback of this suggestion is of course that you don't get to buy any new nappies which is a crying shame

cornflakegirl Fri 19-May-06 13:16:41

do they really work okay at 2 months? my son is 11 months and they still make his bum look huge - in a cute way obviously! (i get really surprised every day when he's running round naked and i see how slim his bottom actually is!)

anchovies Sat 20-May-06 12:11:17

I used size 2 fluffles from ds2 being tiny but they did give him a massive bum!

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