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is this normal? whatever that is!

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knat Wed 17-May-06 19:26:50

my dd always used to poo once a day if not twice before potty training. Now she goes every couple of days and we have attempts where she's almost going but then stops herself. Lots of skidmarks etc (!) She did a massive poo on Saturday and only a couple of pellets since then - nothing yesterday although it was coming(sorry tmi) and nothing today. Anyone got any ideas as to how to get her to poo more regularly. Her eating is up and down at th eminute as well and i don't know if this is related. Any suggestins would be welcome. Thanks

Yummymum1 Wed 17-May-06 20:29:06

We did go through something a bit like this,ds2 used to be same pooing v regularly but when training it would take all day to do poo and he seemed frightened of doing it.We were VERY stressed and he was bordering on constipated.Have heard that they can be scared of doing it on potty,seeing it etc.Stopped stressing and had poos in pants until last week when he suddenly got hang of it(maybe due to star chart&choc bribes!)Lots of fruit to help bowels I guess and wine for you to relax!!

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